3 Ways to Send Money to Ghana

MTN Ghana is a popular platform to transfer money from one part of the globe to another. It doesn’t charge any extra cost for the exchange of money. Moreover, the uses of this portal also very friendly for anyone and don’t any advanced knowledge for the same. There are various forms of MTN Ghana to transfer the money MTN Ghana mobile money, MTN Ghana portal, and much more. If you are looking to have money transfer to Ghana, then in this blog, we are going to explain some of the best ways to conveniently send money with Ghana. 

The Usefulness Of MTN Ghana 

MTN Ghana especially MTN Ghana mobile money has become very much popular nowadays with its convenient and reliability factor. This is because one can access and utilize this from anywhere anytime without any interruption. Also, you don’t need to bother for any safety hazards as the portal completely ensures the security by its firewall protection. 

3 Ways To Transfer Money To Ghana 

  • Bank Transfer: 

You can use your bank account to transfer money to Ghana directly. That means, it is not necessary to have Ghana account to carry out the transfer process. Only by entering the recipient’s account details which are linked to the Ghana account, you can transfer the respective amount of money easily and conveniently.

  • Transfer Using Cards: 

Another popular way to transfer the account is through cards. You can use Credit or debit cards as well to transfer money to MTN Ghana. All you just need to fill the required card details and enter the money on the MTN Ghana Mobile money portal and transact the payment easily. 

  • PISP: 

Payment Initiation Service Provider is another popular way to transfer money to Ghana. Without the need to log in to any application or portal, you can simply attain the transfer just like other bank transfers. You can even go to the concerned bank to carry the transfer. There is no extra charge or expensiveness involves. 

Final words 

There are some of the most popular ways to transfer money to MTN Ghana. It offers ease and convenience to transfer money without any unnecessary interruption. The minimum time the portal takes is 1 day. Some TransferWise exchange rates can be applied to the fees with some big remit services of money transfers such as MoneyGram, Barclays, etc.