Most Entertaining Apps During the Pandemic

As the coronavirus spreads, many businesses are starting to allow workers to operate from home. You could be advised to restrict your time outside, particularly if you need self-quarantine. That doesn’t mean you’re going to go insane. Utilize it as the time to catch up on articles, shows, videos, and other stuff you’ve been holding off.

There are a couple of applications that will enable you to remain updated and keep you entertained.  Here are some of everyone’s favorites that you might not have discovered yet.


The pandemic has reversed the lifestyles and actions of users, such as the way they stream music. Music emoji or also known as “listening to music” while doing things such as eating, cleaning, and family time can help ease our mood. Spotify has announced a rise in “chill” and “instrumental” requests and an increase in fitness and meditation podcast use. 

You can listen to music to relieve depression rather than you usually do. As Spotify provides music, knowledge, and escape to many, it also provides some people pleasure and relaxation. It is available for both Android and iOS users with a monthly subscription.


While most influential tech firms are worried about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Netflix may become much more essential for the everyday lives of Americans. They are obligated to stay at home and in front of their televisions. 

You can find many movies and series for you and your family to enjoy during this pandemic. But of course, it is not for free. It comes with a price. You can download it with your TV, smartphone or iPhone. You can even share what movie you are watching on social media. So go ahead, share on facebook or twitter and don’t forget to insert a ghost emoji to signify how scary the horror flick you are watching is.


TikTok was already on the rise for quite some time. Perhaps, everyone with a smartphone has it downloaded.   However, TikTok ‘s vast mini-famous ensemble, an inexhaustible catalog of popular sounds and dances, and a friendly algorithm that provides totally random videos have proven to be especially beneficial to a quarantine setting. 

As the epidemic rages, even more, users switch from spectator to producer and upload their first TikTok — experimenting in stand-up, practicing common choreography, or showing up with the ridiculous things they could think of. TikTok is the current ground zero of the original sitcom. 

There are several famous categories: viral phenomena where users pair various jokes to the same tone, scandalously-nice “viewpoint” videos, and comedy parts where TikTokers play specific roles. Best of all, uncensored too-good-to-be-true scenes unexpectedly captured on camera that radiate “Vine energy.” 


YouTube has redefined everything from entertainment and learning, provided new doors for aspiring individuals seeking to be recognized, and put people from all over the world together. 

If you want to learn something new today, you can simply search it on YouTube for the tutorial. The best thing about it is, it is free. You don’t have to pay a penny to get the knowledge and entertainment that you wanted. 

Ludo King

If you want to reminisce while resting at home with your family fondly, there’s nothing quite like playing Ludo. You can download Ludo King on your smartphone to play a dice game with your family. 

You can also look for players from anywhere in the world if you don’t have enough members in your family. Besides, the game has the option of playing with 2 to 6 participants in the local multiplayer mode. 

You may also challenge your friends on Facebook or display to your social networking sites after you have successfully won a match. You can even match Snakes and Ladders on the other side of the Ludo board — just as you may have experienced in your youth.


Meditation may help you spend your time reducing depression when you are stressed. To remain calm and to prevent panic in this challenging situation, you can download the Calm app on your smartphone and begin meditating with your family. 

The software provides meditation exercises, master lessons, and calming songs to calm and handle tension. Guided mediation services are also accessible for up to 25 minutes. Also, you can establish your specific goals on the app to obtain a personalized experience.

Amazon Audible

You can just easily listen to audiobooks with the use of Amazon Audible applications on your device. Audiobooks are costly somewhere between $15 to $30 depending entirely on the label. However, Amazon charges $14.95 monthly Audible membership that provides you one book each month, regardless of the cost.


Although a range of businesses have had a detrimental effect and have needed to take stern measures in this moratorium, the smartphone devices, and gaming sector can benefit from being entirely digital and totally open from home, rendering it really competitive these days relative to other suppliers.

People spend most, if not all, of their time at home, and thus their phone use has risen exponentially. The 8 apps and games are by far the most downloaded, but many apps are continuing to increase their downloads.