What Is A Merchant Services Agent Program?

If you are looking out for a career in selling merchant accounts, you need to know the two most important things firstly, what does credit card processing looks like in motion, and secondly, what is the merchant services agent program. Only when these two questions are explained, one can decide on whether selling merchant accounts is one’s cup of tea or not.

Credit card processing

Credit card processing is not a small process but involves a lot of steps that are to be covered. It works in three processes, those are:


Authorization is the first step; the cardholder presents the card before the merchant to make payment for a particular good or service. The merchant then swipes the card and waits for an acceptance message, the customer is required to put in his CVV number and the transaction takes place. The bank might either approve the transaction or decline it, but it is only done by the issuing bank.

The bank authorizes the transaction if the customer who is trying to make the payment has the available only in the bank and the credit card is zero, otherwise, the transaction is shown as failed based on either insufficient cash or the credit card payment is pending. What happens in this process is that when the card has been swiped and the customer puts his CVV, the issuing bank checks the validation of AVS and also the expiration date.

Banking process

In the settlement process, the merchant sends all the transactions that are card-based to the payment processor. The transaction details that have been put by the merchant, is transferred to the bank and the bank makes the settlement of the payment. Once the banks are involved, the issuing bank charges the customer’s account for the amount of transaction that has been done by the customer.


Once the settlement process is completed, next comes funding. The transaction that has been done by the customer is paid by the customer bank or the issuing bank. The full transaction amount is transferred. After the payment has been done by the issuing bank and the amount has been received by the merchant bank, immediately, it is transferred to the merchant account.

Merchant service Agent Program

Now, as the first question has been answered, it’s time to get a solution for the second one. When any salesman enters the market of selling merchant accounts, he/she is new to the market and has no idea where it is going to lead them. With experience, they might end up learning a lot more about the market, but it is in this initial stage that some kind of training is necessary.

Need appropriate training

Without appropriate training, one can fall into a deep pit, from where getting up is next to impossible. Merchant Service Agent Program has been introduced for the purpose of training salesmen into becoming a perfect one with the proper knowledge of the market. This would help them to protect themselves from all the obstacles that they are going to face.

And, venturing into the domain of how to start a credit card processing company requires meticulous planning. Conduct comprehensive market research to understand industry dynamics. Develop a strategic business plan, emphasizing regulatory compliance, cutting-edge technology integration, and customer satisfaction. Cultivate strategic partnerships, prioritize security measures, and execute a phased launch for sustained success.