BFGoodrich All Terrain Tyres For Adventurous Drivers 

Have you always wanted to explore UAE’s off-road terrains? From striking sand dunes to rocky terrains, UAE has a lot to offer to adventurous drivers. Off-roading is fun no doubt, but before heading out on these daring expeditions make sure you have the right vehicle and tyres for this thrilling ride.  

No matter where you are located in the UAE, you can visit online tire shops that cater to your unique driving needs. Online platforms like Dubai Tyre Shop offer the top brands with premium services, competitive prices, and superior facilities. So, what is with the wait – check out these incredible features of BFGoodrich all-terrain tyres that will make driving through desert locations, wadis, highways, and rocky mountains a memorable experience.  


High Performance

Promising toughness, treadlife, and traction, BFGoodrich all-terrain tyres come with rugged sidewalls and durability. The All-Terrain T/A KO2 is hailed as BFGoodrich’s toughest all-terrain tyre. Its serrated shoulder design provides increased traction against mud, rocks, and snow. The tire ensures stability both on and off-road, along with even wear over the long haul. With the compound molded into high-void all-terrain pattern, the interlocking tread blocks allow durability, road handling, and reduced noise. 


Open Tread Design

Ideal for off-road surfaces, this type of design improves the overall traction and provides good grip on mud and rocks. The aggressive looking tread pattern provides a smoother ride and BFGoodrich’s all-terrain tires come with unique compound formula that reduces tread chip and tear. 


Reinforced Sidewalls 

A feature of all-terrain tyres, it allows the vehicle to carry extra load. Providing protection against rough terrains, it helps maneuver difficult situations. These tires are built to climb slick surfaces and rocky terrains, allowing flexibility and incredible grip. 


More About Off-Roading in Dubai 

Thrilling adventures, beautiful scenery, and challenging driving conditions, off-roading can’t get any better. Whether you opt for wadis or desert dunes, it is always recommended to be prepared for the unknown. Before you get behind the wheel for your off-roading experience, it is important to learn the basics.

  • Horsepower and torque. Essential engine characteristics, soft sand and dunes require more horsepower. As you go uphill, momentum is built and steep dunes need high speed. Wadi driving is more like rock climbing – slow and straight. Here torque is more applicable as it allows the vehicle to maintain pace, especially on rugged surface and rocks. 
  • Adjusting tyre pressure. Before you embark the unknown territory, check your tyre pressure. For wadis, tire pressure of 20 to 15 psi is recommended, while 15 psi is common for sand and dunes. 
  • Safety first, so visit a reliable workshop or experienced mechanic before your trip. If you don’t have much time on your hands to visit a service station, then you can always book an online appointment with reliable service providers. There are many online options like Dubai Tyre Shop that bring services to your doorstep. 
  • It is also recommended to travel in groups so that there is enough help in case of emergency. Carry basic recovery gear like tow ropes, tyre gauge and deflator, and soft shackles. 

So, next time you head out for an ultimate off-roading experience, take a look at this guide and be better prepared.