The Valuable Add-On Kits For A Mitsubishi GOT 2000 HMI Upgrade

The add-on kits of Mitsubishi GOT 2000 software consists of the entire software suite of iQ Works2. Each product of Mitsubishi Electric, especially the GOT HMIs comes with programming software. This saves around seven hundred and fifty euros for every customer, when in comparison to the standard cost of selling. For more information, you can check out the product catalog.

Browse Through The Entire GOT Hmis’ Range Of Mitsubishi And Make The Online Purchase

It is available on all GOT Simple HMIs and GOT 2000. The kits come with an HMI that has a whole software suite of iQ Works2, an Ethernet cable of 2m, and a USB cable of 5m. The software suite of iQ Works2 that comes with Mitsubishi GOT 2000 software costs simply two hundred and fifty euros more than the price of the HMI. You can get the new software by being wise about how much you are spending if you are in search of an upgrade for the previous series of E 1000 HMIs.

The Range Features Depend On Certain Models

You will get protective sheets that are resistant to oil as well as color screens of 65K available in all versions. Also, the controllers of Mitsubishi and multiple manufacturers have drivers of a wide range of choices. Moreover, there are logging and authentication of operators available for convenience. There is a slot for SD cards and built-in Ethernet, RS422/485 & RS232. There are also versions of the flush and white panel that are applications customized for beverages and food. Some features provide the capability of pinch zoom and multi-touch.

Mitsubishi Software Suite For Iq Works2

The Entire Suite Consists Of The Following:

  1. Configuration 2 of FR – It is a setup software of inverter
  2. Mini Tool Box 2 of RT – It is a software of robot engineering
  3. Works 2 of MT – It is a software of controller motion engineering
  4. Works 2 GT – It is a designer software of GOT HMI
  5. Works 3 of GX – It is the programming software of PLC. It comes with a Developer of GX that provides the support of legacy.
  6. Navigator of Melsoft – It is the software of system management.

Both parameterization and programming are part of the software suite of iQ Work 2, for every product of Mitsubishi Electrical, like A. C. and robot inverters, Motion/Servo, PLC, etc.