6 Ways In Which Playing Online Cash Rummy Makes Your Sharper

Rummy is a fun-filled, exciting, and entertaining game played worldwide, especially in India. It is a part of the family traditions during celebrations and festivities when families get together. Rummy is often misunderstood as a other cash game because it can be played for cash winnings. However, it is not at all like other cash games. Practicing skills needed to win in Rummy might even make you sharper!

Other cash games is a pure-chance game in which winnings are purely based on your luck. However, Rummy is a pure skill game in which winning requires a player to be considered skilled and play by formulating a strategy. The Supreme Court of India has also declared paying rummy for cash a legal activity because winning the game depends on the skill and not just chance,

This is why if you want to win consistently at rummy, you need to practice, and a wise man once said, practice makes perfect. Here are six ways you can become sharper while practicing skills needed to win rummy consistently:

  1. Observation – Playing rummy needs you to closely observe opponents’ moves at all times. Observing their moves and minute facial expression changes in each round can help decide your next move. Once mastered, it needs practice and can help in other situations in life as well, beyond a game of rummy.
  2. Memory – Along with observation, it helps immensely to remember the moves your opponents made and possibly the placement of cards in the discarded stack. This is how you will know which cards have been re-dealt, dropped, and drawn in each round to figure out the probability of a card you want to show up in a pile. You can strategize which card to drop in each round accordingly.
  3. Face/Mind reading – Rummy is all about strategizing. To devise your strategy the prominent factor is your opponent’s strategy. Once you understand on what track your opponent is you can change your plan accordingly Thus, you can either trap your opponent to make him quit or finish your hand. To know your opponent’s game face and mind reading is important. This skill comes with practice.
  4. Counting cards – Countings cards is a skill that requires good memory, quick and accurate observation, and good mental maths. This skill is immensely helpful in winning rummy. If you can count cards accurately over the course of the game, you will predict moves with quite some precision and consequently win. Practicing county cards sharpens your brain all around and your ability for mental math.
  5. Patience – The game takes patience to pick up, practice, and master. Plus, every game is a game of wits, which also takes immense calm and collectedness to bide your time and make a move when it is of most value to you. If you like playing rummy, you will develop your patience level as a whole.
  6. Social skills – Rummy is a group game. It naturally brings people closer and creates camaraderie like most sports! You may be a loner and still be great at the game, but the game gives back too – it will teach you to be in large groups and interact positively with everyone.


Rummy takes a lot of patience and practice to master. It is a unique game with simple rules yet challenging gameplay. You can easily access it on one of the hundreds of online platforms and play to win cash prizes too. Practicing the skills needed to play rummy can enhance your ability to observe closely, memorize and mentally process numbers, read others’ minute facial expressions, and develop patience.