Benefits of morning sex no one told you

Sex is always great when done right with the one, but there’s just something really amazing about morning sex. According to research, if you start your day with morning sex, it gives you a boost and make you more productive. You can try different sex positions too, if it’s a weekend, and start your day on an amazing note. Morning sex is not limited to this one advantage only. There are a number of advantages that you might not be aware of in this amazing “couple workout session”. Don’t worry; we are here to help you-

  • Mood changing activity- Morning sex can work wonders if you’re cranky in the mornings. It can change your mood instantly when you feel the rush. It may be a bit difficult for the first few minutes, but you will be amazed to see how it changes your mood instantly. Especially after the climax, the hormones will do their work and will make you feel good.
  • Works as a painkiller- If you’re suffering from period cramps, chronic migraine, or any other dull pain, the morning orgasm or sex will make it bearable for you.
  • Acts as stress relief- We know the first thing that you can think of in the morning is the boss’s email or today’s presentation. That’s when you need your “mood changer” the most. The bonding chemical and the oxytocin helps you get relief from the stress and make your mood more cheerful. The “morning session” can also help you get through the day easily and happily.
  • Intimacy at its peak- Morning sex is a great chance to appreciate your partner. It is an opportunity to strengthen the bond and get closer to each other while witnessing the most real form of your partner. It is like a secret that only you two share with each other. Also, there’s something about the natural light that makes you bear it all for your partner. It gives you an exciting rush when you can witness each and every detail of your partner in the daylight. That sensual feeling is totally worth it to be the first thing in the morning.
  • Immunity booster- Did you know that sex can boost your immunity? Well, it helps the antibodies already present in your body to kick up. This actually applies when you are having oral sex because the antibodies are present in the saliva, which helps you fight off the bacteria.
  • Makes you focused- Morning sex can help you improve your concentration and focus levels. According to studies, sex can improve the cognitive functions of a person and boost your memory power.

Who knew morning sex has so many advantages. It can have a positive impact on your body as well as on the mind. After knowing all these benefits, we know now you wouldn’t mind being a bit late to your meetings or presentations.