Efficacy of BYJU’S App in COVID-19 Situation

During the current COVID-19 situation, online education has become the need of the hour. Schools, universities and study centres are transitioning from traditional conventional classes to online education. Online learning has gained momentum and prominence in the current ongoing pandemic situation. Due to this reason, lots of schools and universities have chosen to comply with online education as a medium of instruction for its students. To adapt to the current pandemic situation, they have opted for conducting online classes over video calling channels such as Microsoft Group Meeting and Zoom. Teachers are sharing online study materials and worksheets with students through the online medium, either through email or transferring it to the authorized website of the School or the Education Board.

In addition to school education, the episode of Coronavirus has impacted several businesses as well as school students. When the government of India imposed a lockdown for education institutions and businesses due to COVID-19 outbreak, online learning apps like BYJU’S – The Learning App started offering free access to its learning app for students until the end of April 2020. However, this doesn’t necessarily indicate that the free access to the app is BYJU’S fraud done for promotional purposes.

Given the current ongoing health crisis in India, students from Grade 1 to 12  can actually download the BYJU’S App to access the online classes’ learning programs. BYJU’S provide genuine content and are designed meticulously to help students study more effectively during this pandemic. Besides, they can study from the comfort of their homes without any hassle. There are several interactive sessions and video tutorials included in the app that will help them to stay updated about the latest techniques and methods of learning. This in turn will help them to prepare well and excel in their exams with flying colours. 

Students can download either of the following apps as per their requirement – BYJU’S-The Learning App for K-10 courses and Disney – BYJU’S Early Learn for K3 students absolutely free of charge from the Play Store and gain access to a vast collection of resources and a complete library of BYJU’S educational content. Students who have installed the app (free version) in their devices only for a certain period of time, can also upgrade it to access more detailed learning content. To know more, students and their parents can check BYJU’S contact details given on the website and reach out to academic counsellors accordingly.

Hence, students and parents should not get swayed away by the different rumours about BYJU’S fraud news floating in the market, rather they should use it first-hand themselves to get a better understanding of the educational content. BYJU’S is one of the most renowned learning apps in India that offers online classes programs for students from Grade 1 to 12 (K-12), competitive exams such as JEE, IAS, GATE, NEET, CAT, etc. There are millions of students in our country who have enrolled for free and have subscribed to annual course subscriptions. BYJU’S is a pioneer of online learning and quality education in India and continues to be the most preferred education partner of the majority of students across the country.