Car Repair 101: 4 Common Car Fuel System Issues

Before a car engine runs, the fuel system first performs a series of steps that involves the proper functioning of different components — from the pump and filter to the injector and distributor. If you experience an issue in your car fuel system, you’d need help from a professional specializing in this area, possibly including a fuel distributor rebuild Mercedes experts).

To know when to seek assistance, it’s important to discern if your vehicle has a fuel system concern. Here are the four most common among them.

Your fuel pump is in bad condition

Some car components are designed to be non-serviceable: Once they get damaged, the only choice you have is to have them replaced. Your fuel system’s pump is one of those. As its name states, it pumps fuel from your vehicle’s storage tank to your engine. If you ask an expert in fuel distributor rebuild Mercedes, this is one headache-inducing problem because it causes different consequences. You may experience clunky acceleration or sudden jerking while on the road. There are also cases when a failing fuel pump could even cause your engine to don’t start at all.

Your fuel filter is dirty and clogged

If you want to maintain your engine’s peak performance, you have to make sure that the gasoline that enters this space is free from impurities. This is where the fuel filter becomes especially crucial. It filters these impurities that can’t only affect the performance of your car but leave other fuel system components dirty as well. If the filter gets dirty or clogged, it can also cause fuel flow restriction. This can lead to your vehicle suddenly stopping or jerking when you try to pick up speed. To guarantee a proper replacement job, you should enlist professional help.

Your fuel injector is failing

For the gasoline to reach the combustion chamber, a well-functioning fuel injector is needed. If you feel that your car is lacking in engine performance, it could be that your injector is damaged, hindering it from spraying your fuel into the combustion area. If your car won’t even start or your engine knocks, it can also be attributed to a dirty, clogged, or leaking injector. A mechanic can inspect your fuel system to check if it’s the injector that’s really causing the issue. Cleaning or replacement can also be done accordingly afterward.

Your fuel distributor is not functioning well

If you ask an expert in fuel distributor rebuild Mercedes, you’ll know how serious it is to have a faulty fuel distributor. This component of the fuel system distributes the right amount of gasoline to fuel injectors. It can allocate fuel evenly to the injectors based on the engine’s required airflow or fuel mixture. If the distributor encounters an issue, you can subsequently experience a wide array of engine-related problems. Your car engine may be low on power under acceleration due to insufficient fuel distribution. You may also notice an uneven-running engine due to the unequal delivery of fuel. In worst cases, you may experience what is called fuel dumping — which happens when liquid fuel comes out of your car’s tailpipes.

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