How to Findaquebec immigration lawyer For Your Case

You’ve applied for a job, obtained your visa, and are waiting to hear if you’ve been accepted- becoming a permanent resident is a long and winding road and there are many requirements, including meeting English proficiency standards, maintaining a certain level of financial security, and working towards improving your status, unfortunately, there are also many lawyers out there looking to rake in money by representing the government or foreign nationals in immigration court.

If you’re looking to fight for your green card or other immigration benefits and do not want to hire a quebec immigration lawyer, then you need to be aware of where your lawyer is standing on the issue, to help you identify an attorney who may be taking advantage of their position or those with political leanings, we’ve developed this list of tips on how to find an immigration lawyer for your case:

Read the Immigration Lawyer Newspaper and Online Magazines


As you begin your search for an immigration lawyer, you’ll likely start reading the local newspaper and online legal magazine, while these publications are filled with advertisements for lawyers, the news articles and ads can help identify the attorneys with the most recent cases working in the area- you can also search the yellow pages of your phone book for lawyers, the more recent the publication, the better, as these publications will likely cover recent court cases and have the most up-to-date information.

Request that your Lawyer Examine the Available Records.


First, have your attorney review the public record, this term can be a bit confusing, as you may have heard it used in connection with the government’s ability to access public records, the public record refers to all documents, including but not limited to court documents, administrative documents, and job postings and if your attorney recommends that you not review the public record, you’re likely looking at a setup where your attorney is keeping you in the dark and if so, your attorney has done his or her job poorly- you’re essentially left without an immigration attorney and are on your own to fight for your green card or other immigration benefits.


Ask for An Email and A Phone Call


After reviewing the public record, have your attorney start the process of hiring an immigration attorney, ask your attorney to research the best attorney in your area, and contact them if you like their recommendations and when getting a feel for who you might want to work with, it’s best to get in touch with as many attorneys as you can and see what their recommendations are,or you might also consider getting in touch with previous customers to find out if they have any recommendations to provide.



The process of becoming an American citizen can be long and expensive, and it can also be difficult if you have to navigate the bureaucracy on your own, fortunately, there are plenty of lawyers who can help, to find an immigration lawyer for your case, look in the yellow pages or local newspaper for lawyers who have recent cases in common and if you’re looking for a lawyer with a lot of cases, look for an attorney who seems to have a lot of success winning cases, you should also be aware of the social media and recent cases of the attorney you’re working with, each attorney has a different set of strengths, so you need to evaluate each attorney on an individual basis.