How to Prove Your Disability for Receiving Long-Term Disability Claims 

If you were thinking about filing the LTD claim, you should consider consulting the summary plan description in the long-term disability policy. You could also inquire about the human resources department of your employer for understanding the precise definition of disability. Usually, you could make the most of LTD if you were found to be completely disabled and unable to work due to injury, illness, or performing the specific duties of your occupation. 

If the long-term disability policy provides ‘partial disability’, you could qualify for several available benefits, provided you were unable to work full-time on your occupation and part-time or full-time at another job. However, you would require hiring the services of the best Mass Mutual disability claims attorney for your claim handling needs. They would enhance the chances of winning the claim. 

Several policies may renounce you from filing an LTD claim, provided you were on the payroll of your employer. An important aspect of a social security disability claim would be proving the disability in the LTD claim by your treating doctor. In your application for receiving LTD benefits, the doctor would complete the form or comment on your medical condition. The opinion of your physician has been deemed of great importance, but the administrator would require proof of your disability as well. As a result, the administrator would request all kinds of medical records about your disability. It would be inclusive of lab results, clinic notes, MRIs, x-rays, surgical reports, and examination findings. 

To show your ongoing disability, you would be required to continue receiving treatment for your injuries or illness from your doctor. It should be done while the long-term disability claim is pending or even when the benefits have been approved. Any failure to continue treatment could be a solid ground for the insurance company to cut off the benefits you were about to receive.