The Different Types Of Car Covers

Whether you are just concerned about the general condition of your car or a true neatness freak, there are simple accessories to protect your seats; car covers. Equipping your vehicle with covers works just like the car roof umbrella (ร่มติดหลังคารถ, which is the term in Thai), to protect it and preserve the freshness of the passenger compartment.

Finding happiness in a snap is not always easy, especially if you don’t know what covers you need. To help you choose the covers that are right for you, here is a quick overview of the possibilities.

  1. Standard Or Universal Covers

Standard or universal covers fit on most vehicles and guarantee a solution adapted to your budget. These covers offer a very wide choice of fabrics, colors and cuts in different styles.

You can find several solutions adapted to your needs for any vehicle (city car, sedan, minivan, or utility). Therefore, you can find a cover only for your driver seat, the two front seats or a complete set of car covers.

  1. Custom Covers

If the universal covers are not suitable for the size or aesthetics you are looking for, you can have custom covers made. The tailor-made guarantees an impeccable appearance, because it takes into account the exact dimensions of the seats, to the millimeter. These covers then become like a second skin.

In addition, made-to-measure is better suited to the greater technicality of current seats (armrests, joysticks, headrests, airbags, split seat, etc.). If you want to push the customization of your covers fully, you will have to pay a few more bucks. It all depends on the work done.

The advantage of this type of pickup cover (ร่มคลุมรถกระบะ, which is the term in Thai) is that you can choose everything. The fabric, the color, the finishes and other accessories (zippers for quick assembly/disassembly), everything is possible. Please note, however, that a seat fitted with a side airbag may only be fitted with a cover specially designed for this purpose.