How to Style Your Nose Pin look?

Are you confused as to what nose pin style will suit you? If so, you might have to consider certain factors which are mentioned in this article. The practice of wearing a nose pin dates back to more than 4000 years. You might have also heard that there are scientific reasons attached to it. Interestingly, according to scientific research wearing nose pins not only enhance your looks but also considered to be alternative medicine. According to Ayurvedic medicine, wearing a nose pin helps women overcome health issues related to the reproductive system.

There are different types of nostril piercing like septum piercing, high nostril piercing, hoop septum, etc. Do not hesitate to try and experiment with different types of nose pins but only after three months of getting your nose pierced. You need to try new styles which will help you to find out your signature style.

  • Freestyle


Fashion influencers and social media help us get an idea of what type of nose pin style suits best for us. It helps us look through the richness of culture and ethnicity. There are three different types of nose pins, the contemporary one, Larger nose rings that are worn during special occasions, and traditional classic Indian pins. Melorra Gold nose pins can be worn by women regularly which can enhance their facial look.

  • Choose the Metals wisely

It is better to sick with metals like gold and silver when it comes to wearing nose pins. Gold and silver nose pins have the least chances of giving infection compared to other metals. It is important to take into consideration the metals that you plan on investing in your nose pin.

  • Traditional Style

It is always the best choice to return to the roots that are used as design patterns for nose pins in the contemporary era. Initially, women wore nose pins in gold that undoubtedly give a classic look. But nowadays with the development in the fashion industry, there are various types of designs like hoop septum rings, Bindi-inspired nose pins, Aztec Motifs, peacock designs, and much more. All of the above-mentioned nose pins can be worn for western outfits as well.

  • Keep experimenting

When it comes to styling, the fact that cannot be denied is that you need to keep exploring various nose pin models and come to a conclusion as to what suits you the best. Again it is a personal choice and no one can influence an individual when it comes to choosing their signature style.


Initially, you might feel crusty with your nose pin. This is perfectly normal and all you have to do is let it heal. There are plenty of nose pin designs that are available on online platforms that can be easily purchased in no time. Take time and choose the nose pin model that best suits you. Youngsters around the world including professionals wear nose pins which has become a trend in the 21st century.