How to take care of your watch strap?

Much can be known about a person by the type of watch they wear, while smartwatches tend to be characteristic of people in their 40s and below who like to have all the facilities of technology at their fingertips, conventional watches tend to belong to more mature, sober and elegant people.

Whether you are an expert collector or a neophyte in the field, no one doubts that not only the watch case or its cover marks your style but one of the most important parts is the strap, you can find some good options at Horus luxury watch straps. So here are some tips to take good care of your watch strap, prolonging not only its life but also its value and the general aesthetics of the watch.

Leather straps provide an undeniable elegance to a watch depending on the type of skin they are made of, this material will always be much more elegant than the vast majority of textile or silicone straps, however, they are also very delicate so proper care can make a difference in its aesthetics and durability. According to Horus luxury watch straps, it is not recommended to wet this type of strap because not only the unpleasant sensation in the skin but also the smell that it gives off is not at all pleasant. This is not to mention the fact that it can peel off and spoil the strap without any remedy, so its care requires keeping this material away from humidity but keeping it moisturized.

Without a doubt, metal straps also provide elegance and a notorious distinction to the aesthetics of a good watch. They are by far the most durable, the most expensive depending on the material they are made of, but they also scratch easily. To begin with, it is necessary to clean it regularly with a damp cloth to remove the dust that accumulates. At least once a year it is suggested that you take the strap apart and perform a professional cleaning of all its links, now that you prefer to do it yourself, it is very important to disassemble the bracelet from the machine and leave it submerged for a couple of hours in a solution of vinegar and water after which it should be rinsed directly under the tap water by scrubbing it with a soft bristle brush to remove any residue that may have remained, after this is done should be left to dry completely before reassembling it on the watch.

Nowadays you can see many luxury watches combined with silicone straps, some of the best are available at Horus luxury watch straps, this material is very advantageous for those who practice sports regularly and subject their piece to frequent encounters with water, also has the advantage that it is one of the most accessible materials on the market and has a variety of designs from which you can choose, also this material is much easier to clean. Just use soap and put them to the water carving with your hands the dirtiest areas and then let them dry completely before reassembling them on your watch.