How To Watch Free Movies On AHA

Many OTT Platforms in today’s digital world and the Pandemic have helped boost every platform, be it in terms of content to match the splurge in demand or audience-based subscription counts. If you are looking for different Platforms to get a subscription, you can try out aha. If you haven’t heard the name aha before, then aha is a relatively new OTT Platform made exclusively for streaming Telugu films, web series, and shows. From streaming movies online to streaming shows, you can watch all your favorite Telugu movies in HD quality and all ad-free.

Before you get your hands on a subscription plan, it is natural that you would like to know the kind of content that is belong shown in aha. If you are new to Telugu films, then the Free movies section in aha will help you understand better and make a better choice with no regrets when you take a subscription plan.Here are a few free movies available for streaming on aha, all free and in HD Quality.

  1. Run.

By SahanaDutt and Directed by LakshmikanthChenna, Run is a Telegu psychological thriller and starring Navdeep and PujitaPonnada in the lead roles. The film got released on AHA on 29 May 2020.

The story centers on a couple, Shruti and Sandeep, and the film opens with them preparing for their lunch date, and their life is way too perfect to be real. Everything changes when Shruti doesn’t show up for the lunch date and Sandeep finds out that she got murdered, and Sandeep becomes the prime suspect for the murder. Upset by the incident, he escapes the situation. The unfolding of the murder and the whole story behind it forms the major part of the plot.

  1. Awaara.

Written, Directed, and produced by N. Linguswamy, Awaara is a 2010 romantic-action Telugu dubbed version of his Tamil film Paiyaa. Starring Karthi and Tamannaah in the lead with MilindSoman, Sonia Deepti, and Jagan appearing in supporting roles.

The film revolves around two strangers’ journeys- Shiva, a jobless, carefree man living in Bangalore, and a woman he had fallen for Charulata.

Shiva offers to drive her to Mumbai one day after she makes the offer. Shiva learns about Charulatat’s past during their trip. Charulata has run away from her father, who is attempting to compel her to marry someone against her will, and she wishes to visit her grandmother in Mumbai. Charulatha is pursued by a gang on the orders of her father’s business associate, uncle Jayaraman, and Shiva is pursued by a gang whose leader Balli he assaulted a few years ago. The plot follows their trip, escape, and growing feelings.

  1. Dev.

Dev is a 2019 Telugu romantic action-adventure film, written and directed by RajathRavishankar and starring Karthi and RakulPreet Singh in the leads.

The film centers on the main protagonist Dev, an adventure seeking a carefree man who seeks every thrill in life. His carefree self is grounded when he meets Meghna and falls in love with her. Their relationship isn’t all perfect. Things get difficult when Dev gets busy with his family business. Meghna’s insecurities get the best of her; how they resolve the differences and choose love over everything forms the plot.

If you are looking for thriller movies online or OTT apps for entertainment, all are covered in one subscription and one download with AHA.