Ideal Temperature for A Refrigerator

One of the rooms in the house with the most temperature variations throughout the day is the kitchen. The use of electrical appliances such as the oven or the dishwasher can increase room temperature. Still, if it is a space that is only used for cooking, the lack of activity can cause it to drop considerably.

One of the most common doubts when dealing with temperature changes in the kitchen has to do, of course, with the refrigerator. Is the optimal refrigerator temperature always the same? We have already told you on other occasions how a refrigerator works today. We expand this information with a series of tips so that your food is always kept in perfect condition, taking advantage of these appliances’ options. The refrigerator works at full capacity despite the seasonal changes.

How Many Degrees Does the Fridge Have to Be?

The answer to this question is quite simple, although, as you will see later, there are exceptions to this rule. To ensure that the refrigerator can properly perform its function, its ideal temperature should be around 4 ° C. This will allow food to stay fresh for as long as possible and will prevent unwanted problems from arising, such as bacteria if the fridge is higher degrees or ice sheets if the temperature is too low.

For the freezer, the rule says that it should be around -18 ° C. If your refrigerator is not very modern, it is likely that it does not have a thermometer or automatic function that allows us to precisely regulate this temperature. We recommend that you check it regularly with a food thermometer or specific for the refrigerator.

To measure the temperature correctly, place the thermometer in a glass of water and leave it in the fridge for eight hours; if this is not possible, five hours is sufficient. For the freezer, the ideal is to use a specific one to calculate it exactly, but you can place a normal thermometer between two products to get a rough idea. If the temperature is not recommended, do not forget to change it as soon as possible and check that it works correctly. Ensure you disconnect the fridge from the Plug (ปลั๊ก which Is the term in Thai) when not in use.