Kitchen lighting: without compromising in quality

For a special dinner or for a quick meal on a daily basis, the kitchen is one of the favorite rooms of many people. Precisely because it is a more shared space, and at the same time so personal, paying attention to the decoration of the environment is a very common reaction. To ensure the kitchen is your style, it’s a good idea to work on a custom lighting project. If the best kitchen lighting ideas is still on paper, it’s easier to work on these adjustments together with the responsible professional.

Suitable lamps: a smart option

Choosing lamps is one of the most important moments in the lighting project. Along with the arrangement of the room, lighting fixtures and light points, it is essential that the lamp intensity is adequate, which also depends a lot on the style you want to give to the space. There are countless possibilities. Overall, white shade lamps are a good choice for kitchen lighting. This type of light stimulates attention and can bring out the real colors of objects and food.

Multiple lighting points

Along with the choice of lamps, lighting points are also an important assessment to balance the environment. Ideal kitchen lighting can be separated by type, intensity and color. In areas such as countertops, sinks and stoves, it is interesting that the lighting is stronger and brighter. Each case is different, but it is important that the lighting elements are well distributed, intensifying the desired focus. Get picture perfect 3D design of your kitchen with Foyr Neo software.

Natural lighting

Natural light never hurts. Appreciate this feature if possible. Besides contributing to energy savings, space ventilation will be better. The idea is to harmonize natural and artificial lighting. With recessed LED lighting you can avoid shadows in the kitchen. Besides having the environment effectively lit, the kitchen is more beautiful and modern. This kitchen lighting can be made with LED ceiling lights and other recessed models.

Light rails

It is a decorative trend that, besides lighting the environment, will leave the kitchen with a different style. The light rails are attached to the kitchen ceiling and are very functional. If desired, each point on the trail can be directed to a place. Some spots can light up the dining counter while others light up the sink. They can even contain a mix of light bulbs with a white glow and a yellowish glow. Surely kitchen lighting will feel relaxed and full of character.

How important is kitchen lighting?

The kitchen is a space with a lot of movement, so it is essential to have lighting to make everyday life easier. The first advantage of kitchen lighting is related to safety. Good kitchen lighting prevents accidents and makes activities more practical and faster. The right light can bring comfort, warmth, elegance, among other perceptions.

Both warm light and cold light can be used in kitchen lighting. The choice will depend on the client’s routine. The cold light brings more contrast to the environment. The warm light for kitchen lighting is indicated when the focus of the environment is to make quick meals, welcome friends and create a more cozy space.