Money Can’t Buy You Sleep, But It Can Buy You The Best Pillows!

Sleep is a stress reliever for everyone in this busy world. Pillows play a significant part in improving sleep quality as it is seen to heal and repair the body and gearing it up for the next day. Pillows are the fundamental aspect of bedding to cure neck and spine problems. Using an improper pillow will lead to muscle stiffness, tendonitis, nerve aches and herniated discs. Make the right choice and invest in the proper pillow offered by Wakefit that will suit your medical condition, needs, desires, requirements, sleeping habits, etc. Please keep reading to know more about the different types of pillows and how they influence one’s lifestyle. This will give a clearer picture of what kind of pillow one has to purchase to stay hale and healthy.

Pillow Buying Guide

Pillows are the things that get affected by skin cells and wear and tear quickly. The dust mites that get collected in a pillow will signal that it is time to replace it. With time and on regular usage, a pillow will start to sag and form lumps. This is the indication to change it and get a new one. To improve or extend the life, make use of protectors or wash them every six months. There are specific criteria that will help an individual choose the right pillow.

  • Pillow Filling
  • Sleeping Posture
  • Mattress Kind
  • Health Condition
  • Other Special Needs

Pillow Filling

Pillow or cushion filling will decide whether it is going to be fluffy or flat. Each fill will have a different impact on the pillow, and hence it is essential to cross-check this specification before any purchase. However, specific pillows can be machine washed any number of times, while one can never wash few others. So, look into the care label before buying any pillow.

Wool pillow is hypoallergenic, and it is ideal for people who have severe allergies or are highly susceptible to moulds and mites. They are usually blended with other materials to make these more robust, but pure wool pillows are also very durable than other materials. They are expensive when compared to the remaining kinds. They are made from either cotton or natural wool and hence renewable, biodegradable and breathable.

Memory foam pillows are produced with certain chemicals that offer adequate support and life to them. The significant component being polyurethane, they are very affordable and hence is widely produced. The downside of this particular pillow is that it emits heat when in use, and this can be reduced by installing a cooling gel layer on the top. These sleeping pillows are the most sold pillows owing to their low cost in the commercial market.

Latex pillows are obtained from the sap of rubber trees and do not develop heat like a memory foam pillow. These are suitable for people suffering from various allergies as they are highly resistant to mould and have excellent rebound qualities. Latex pillows are seen to offer adequate support and will last up to ten years.

Feather pillows are made from the original feather of birds like a goose and duck. The more amount of feathers is filled in it, the higher it will cost. They are softer in texture compared to all the other pillow varieties as they are made with natural feathers. These have a more extraordinary shelf life of more than ten years and hence are considered the most durable of all types of pillows.

Down pillows are a combination of both down and feather, and these, therefore, work out a little cheaper than the original feather pillows. But these tend to be firmer. There can be other down alternatives, too, which feel soft and are filled with synthetic fills only. This pillow is ideal for people who have a down allergy.

Polyester pillows are the cheapest of all kinds that fall back on usage as it loses its shape quickly and will result in comfort and zero support.

Sleeping Position

One must essentially analyze the sleeping position before buying a pillow. The simple way to determine the posture is below.

  • Side Sleeper: Side sleepers need a thick and firm pillow to align their ears with their shoulders. This will give enough balance to the neck as it extends in either direction when sleeping on the side.
  • Stomach Sleeper: These kinds of sleepers will need a soft and thin pillow, so their neck is in a neutral position. Placing a pillow under the shoulder is a wise choice to align the spine properly.
  • Back Sleeper: A back sleeper must opt for a medium thickness pillow that will help the neck to be aligned without arching the head in the forward position.
  • Switchers: People who switch positions throughout the night must get a plush pillow so that the fill will move around accordingly. This will enable them to find the best position as they turn and toss.

Mattress Kind

Mattress type plays a vital role in deciding what kind of pillow one should buy. If the mattress is soft, the pillow must be firm, or if the bed is hard, the pillow must be soft and less firm. This principle will help to equalize and balance their properties.

Health Conditions

People who have spine and neck problems should always invest in a soft and flat pillow to reduce the pain and ease the strain developed in those areas. Neck pillows and additional padding will aid in solving the health problems tremendously. Travel pillows are another smart move to carry whenever moving from Flyttebyrå Oslo from one place to another to reduce aggravation.

Special Needs

People with specific needs will need a specially designed pillow. Most people suffering from asthma or pregnancy will fall under this category. They will require anti-microbial treated backrest pillows or the ones made to suit their body contour.

Final Words

One tends to fall asleep soon when the pillow is as per their expectation. Therefore, brainstorm and find out your requirements first and then invest in suitable pillows as it is one of the ingredients for a peaceful sleep.