Top 5 Reasons Why Montana Is a Perfect State You Can Move To

The idea of moving to a new place is both – exciting and scary. However, if you are moving to a state like Montana, be rest assured you are just going to be fine. If we consider the area, Montana is the 4th largest U.S. state. 

In addition, Montana is a very prosperous state if we consider its natural resources. In fact, its natural resources are the reason why the state has unofficial nick names like “Big Sky Country” and “The Treasure State”.

If you are considering moving to Montana, you will be happy to know that moving there is absolutely hassle free. Moving companies can help you pack and move there just in a few days, and companies like Ship a Car, Inc. can help you transport a vehicle to Montana without a scratch.

However, if you are still dicey about your decision, here are top 5 reasons of why Montana is the right pick for anybody.

Top 5 reasons which make Montana a perfect state to settle

1. It’s simply massive

If you are tired of being a part of a big crowd, Montana is a state where you will definitely get enough room to spread out.  On an average, there are just 7.1 people in every square mile. For most that have recently moved to this spacious state, this enormous space is extremely refreshing.

2. Business and Job opportunities are great

If you are wondering how exactly you will survive in Montana, be rest assured it won’t be a problem. Even though agriculture is the state’s main industry, tech sector is growing rapidly. Every year, new companies are moving to the state, and thus there are always new job openings. Also, you have to consider outdoor recreation jobs like working in hotels, restaurants, gift shops, etc. 

3. Good Education

If you are worried about the educational offerings in the state, there are plenty of excellent opportunities. There are both public and private universities that offer brilliant courses. For instance, Carroll College, Montana State University, Montana Tech, and Rocky Mountain College, are all great institutes.

4. It’s a Healthy State

Considering the fresh air and wide-open spaces that the state offer, it is easy to guess that it is one of the healthiest states. Now, simply combine it with healthy food, quality healthcare facilities and exciting outdoor activities that you can enjoy here, and you will know why the residents here are in a pretty good shape and health. 

5. Food here is incredible 

If you are a foodie, you definitely want to move to a place where you can satisfy all your cravings, and Montana will exactly give you that. There are plenty of good restaurants in the entire state, and some of their signature dishes are worth checking out. Also, since there is abundance of wildlife here, it is possible to enjoy lamb and pastured beef almost anywhere in the state. 

Well, there you go. To summarize, it can be said that no matter what you are looking for – enough space, great food, quality education, better job opportunities, or simply a healthier lifestyle, Montana will offer it to you.