What are the important things that make live casino better?

Live casino is a casino game that enables the players to enjoy gambling on through their computer screen via the internet, sitting in their bed comfort. Live casino is an upgraded version of the online casino in which a real dealer deals with the card instead of an RNG program, which makes it more realistic and exciting. It is highly identical to a real land casino as you can see the whole dealings and can even interact with the dealer in case you have any doubts or queries.

All the physical transactions are data-based, and a player can take part in a real-time casino game over the internet where results are determined by a real human. It is a perfect combination of online and land casinos and offers excellent benefits to the players. If you are planning to play in live casinos, then you must know about certain things related to live casinos. These are essential things that a live casino studio needs to have to provide a smooth and hassle-free live casino session.

Some of the imperative aspects and components of live casinos


It is undoubtedly the most important thing for live casinos. As you know, live casinos are based on live video streaming where a dealer deals the cards, and players make their moves through their respective computer screens. Now there are various powerful and highly efficient cameras available, which make the stream clear and provide a more exciting experience to the users. Different casino games have different camera setups to offer streams from different angles and with various shots. It makes the whole gaming experience quite convenient and highly comfortable for the players.

Spin wheel

Some casino games have the involvement of a wheel, which is spun, and all players place their bets. Most of the casinos are in contact with the manufacturers of these wheels and interfere in its production by putting some sensors in them to benefit them. This is the primary reason why most people don’t trust wheel based casino games in the live casino as there is a surety that the dealer is not manipulating with the wheel.


The dealer is the main person in the live casino as he deals with all the cards and spins the wheel. He handles all the games and ensures that no player feels like he is being cheated or the game is unfair. In the presence of a real human dealer, live casino feels like real land casinos and gives a unique experience to the players. All the dealers are well-trained and are aware of all the rules and regulations of casino games. To ensure fair gameplay, all the actions and movements of the dealer are recorded using a smart card.

Monitor screen

The monitor is the device which connects the dealer and other players as it provides a screen where you can see all the online players and the dealer dealing the cards. If you are camera conscious, then you can also sit in the blind spot of the camera so that you won’t appear on the screens of other players.