What is Rolex 4xxx Series Datejust?

Since the 1920s, decades before the Datejust, Rolex had been efficiently marketing their Oyster Continuous watches; Oyster due to the fact that the watches were watertight like an oyster, as well as “Perpetual” due to the fact that they automatically wound themselves, therefore, appearing to run constantly.

To read about the Rolex Daytona watch [นาฬิกา rolex datejust, which is the term in Thai], please visit the link.

To commemorate the firm’s 40th Anniversary in 1945, Rolex created referral 4467, an Oyster Continuous with a day issue, as well as they called it The Datejust. The Datejust was the initial water-proof, automated watch to include a date window, and this device altered dates extremely near midnight, unlike numerous date difficulties which take hours to alter over.

We have heard two versions of where the name Datejust comes from: that the day modifications prior to twelve o’clock at night, which the day is always “just,” as inappropriately presented. Either story makes good sense.

The 1945 Datejust was the first Rolex to consist of the well-known five-link Jubilee bracelet, thusly named because Rolex was celebrating its 40th wedding anniversary.

For around a year, Rolex continued to generate the Datejust with their Caliber 7xx movements. The form of these motions needed the rear instance to bulge out, similar to several various other Rolex models of the era, and these watches are passionately called “bubble backs.” Collection agencies need to be advised that Rolex no more generates components for, nor solutions, Datejusts from this era. Involving a third-party watchmaker that concentrates on keeping bubble-backs can be pricey.

The 4xxx Collection Datejust at a Glimpse

  • Waterproof
  • Automatic-winding activity, with date-changing close to twelve o’clock at night; no quickset date
  • Gently fluted bezel
  • Jubilee bracelet
  • 7xx Collection movements, no more serviced by Rolex, components hard to get
  • Bubbleback situation
  • Yellow gold only
  • Pie tin dial (slopes down at the external edge
  • 36mm