What to expect from Bikini laser hair removal?

No matter how often you get wax or shaving done, the area never has a smooth and flawless appearance. The hair has a tendency to be most noticeable at the least convenient times, from ingrown hairs and razor burns to quick-growing back, they make you the most uncomfortable. Though the days are now gone with the availability of Bikini laser hair removal [เลเซอร์ บิ กิ นี่, which is the term in Thai], you can expect the unexpected. It successfully removes the hair from your bikini line from the root. This is a long-term hair removal process that gives you a smooth bikini line without causing any harm. 

Tip to avoid embarrassment

Often you may get embarrassed while you plan for having a bikini hair removal. Well, this is perhaps the most common thing and one of the important topics to talk about. This article can provide you some tips that you may apply to avoid getting embarrassed. If you have already purchased a package, clinics usually keep the same practitioner for a single patient. Ensure that you mention this during the appointment and they will value your preference. Customers are the key to such clinics and whatever you ask for will be their preference unless you demand something weird. Also, you may request for an older and experienced practitioner as younger people will be more comfortable in that. 

Get out of the fear

once you get comfortable with the practitioner and the process, it is less likely that you will feel embarrassed anymore or feel any pain like your first session. Well, talking about the fear, it is common that most women cancel the sessions out of fear of pain. The sensation of laser on the bikini area varies from person to person. Also, there are different factors that affect the sensation, including hair color, skin type, hair density and pain threshold. However, with each session, the pain decreases as the hair becomes thinner. The pain is sort of a warm pinch that is bearable and worth the result you will get.