What you should know about men’s hair loss

As a man, balding or a receding hairline at the crown might make you get stressed or anxious. That is why you need some education regarding hair loss. Once you have facts, you will be able to decide whether to take medication such as Finasteride 1mg 30 tabs or which way to go.

How to tell if you are going to be bald

Though it sounds a silly question, it is not. To lose your hair is not like going bald. Baldness can be generic, but hair loss can be due to a variety of causes.  If you notice that you are losing hair patches, in a manner that is random, you could be having alopecia, which is a condition where a person loses hair patches from their body parts.

In an extreme scenario, it might affect hair all over the body. Alopecia is believed to be caused by autoimmune or hereditary factors. It is not the same as male baldness.  If the loss of hair happens in a regular receding pattern, usually starting from the temples as well as the head crown, then it means that you are suffering from a male baldness pattern. But you have to remember that it is natural for most men to go bald, and thus, you don’t have to be embarrassed about it.

How quickly you are likely to lose your hair

The loss of male hair starts in the 20s, but it takes between 15 years to 25 years before going bald. That is why most men in their 50s are bald. But there are some men, who within 5 years, go bald. It means that, it might not be possible to tell how long it will take before a man goes bald.

Why is it that I am losing hair? Is it something genetic?

In case you happen to be having a male baldness pattern, it means that your hair is getting lost due to increase sensitivity to hormones in men known as androgens. The impact, in most instances, is hereditary.

It is also to find yourself losing hair because of specific surgical procedures or illness, changes you are having in the level of hormones, stressful circumstances, and infection on your scalp. If that is the case, you might utilize such medications like Finasteride 1mg 30 tabsto sort out the baldness as it is not a permanent hair loss.

Is it possible for baldness to be caused by sexual frustrations and emotional stress?

There is specific hair loss that is associated with stress though the male baldness pattern tends to be a condition of genetics that most men have. If you happen to find out that your hair is falling out at unpredictable times or in clumps, then it should be a symptom that has to do with something else.

It could be something related to stress, but sexual frustration might not be one of the thing to cause hair loss. What you need to do is to check out with your physician to find out what could be happening with your hair.