Where Can Speed Bumps Be Located?

The regulations establish that they can only be installed in areas where the obligation to reduce speed is warned through vertical signs. These speed bumps will have a support mission to ensure that the driver complies with the speed limits established in said section. In addition, they must respect a distance between one and the other of at least 50 meters and a maximum of 200, although it is specified that they will try to prevent it from exceeding 150 meters.

Quality Materials To Ensure The Safety Of The Speed Bumps

As elements of the road, it is also essential that they meet specific quality requirements in the materials used for their construction. These must guarantee stability, bond to the road, durability, and not deform quality concrete in raised pedestrian crossings and durable rubber or plastic material in the case of ‘donkey loins. These, on top of that, have to be fastened to the asphalt utilizing screws or chemical adhesives that assure their overall fixation.

The laws of the speed ramps additionally refer to the paint utilized to paint the 40-centimeter-wide white bands of the raised actions. This must ensure the resilience as well as the coefficient of rubbing needed in the road laws for ensuring better adherence, mainly when passing cyclists and motorcyclists, the most susceptible to falls.

More administrations and municipalities are depending on speed bumps for improving safety in sectors where the needed speeds limits are between 30 to 50 km/h. These things flood many streets, and they must comply with the regulations to guarantee their effectiveness and the safety of all road users.

Purpose Of Speed Bumps

The order defines these speed reducers as devices placed on the road surface whose objective is to maintain a reduced movement speed along certain sections of the road. What do they get? Create a vertical acceleration in the vehicles when crossing them that causes discomfort in both the driver and the occupants when exceeding them at speed higher than the allowed speed.