Workplace Trends to Emerge


The events of 2020 have led to a dramatic shift in the way we work. The traditional way of working has been significantly disrupted. There were a lot of new challenges that businesses had to face as all of them had to shift working online. Meeting customer demands remotely is hard. Also, they had to rethink the type of support they have to offer to their employees in the social-cultural

Emphasis on Mental Health

The covid-19 pandemic took a big toll on the mental health of people. With this fact in mind, employers have now started to place greater emphasis on mental health solutions in the changing workspace. Businesses have begun expanding the array of health benefits offered to employees through regular health checkups. Companies are also investing in subscriptions of mental wellness apps for their employees. Invest in an affordable workspace for your business to allow it to grow fully.

Hybrid Work Schedules

The hybrid work model is one of the most significant models to emerge. Many employees started working from home with the initiation of the pandemic. Remote work has now become a more widely accepted business practice and there is a business that is opting for permanent work as well. These businesses have found work from home more suitable for them. This modern way of working will evolve and needs new technological and ethical changes. Employers have begun to design and implement hybrid work schedules in place to meet with their employees, form bonds and collaborate on a project.


Large corporations have also begun hiring Diversity and Inclusion officers for their firms to ensure that they have a diverse work culture. They are investing to make sure that the workforce is equal and there is equal representation and opportunity for everyone to grow. Many other small companies have also followed and they try to be diverse manually, directly from the recruitment process. Find a quality office space for rent in Mumbai for your business needs and initial setup.

Prioritizing Societal Purpose

Social justice has become a hot topic in recent years. As a result, many young motivated individuals want to work with valuable organizations. Companies have begun implementing community service projects. These programs have been found to improve the company’s social image and boost employee morale both of which are relevant for the company’s growth.