3 Tips for Strong Fengshui Front of House Doors

When it comes to servicing and cleaning your house, the door is often neglected. But according to Fengshui, your door is the most important part of your house. It creates a positive energy that helps to keep your bonding with the family strong. But as usual, the door is thought to be the second part of the house. When you think of repairing or maintaining any part of the house, you think of your door. So there are some simple steps to make your Fengshui Front of House [ วง จุ้ย หน้า บ้าน  which is the term in Thai] doors strong. These three steps will help you understand the importance of your front door.

Taking Care of the Door

The front door hardware is often the most unnoticed part of the house. It will create a bad impact when any stranger person come to your house. The doors, cracking sound, uneasiness will make a huge impact on a person. Hence you should take care of the front by polishing or renovating it. Check whether all the locks are properly functioning; in this way, you will not neglect it. 

Brighten the Pathway of Entry

People will come to your house through the front door when it is bright. Also, the bright is associated with the element of fire. That means that you put some light on the door or repair the damages. Then it will bring a different look to your house. In the case of the glass door, make sure it is clean so that the sunlight can give warmth to the house members.

Clean the Door Way Path

Keeping the pathway clean is yet another way of maintaining your front door. Suppose your friend is coming to visit you for the first time. What will the friend see if it’s clean will attract the person to come more often. So always keep the doorway clean, tidy, and remove all the unnecessary obstacles.