3 Tips & Tricks to Hacking of Social Media


Social media has become a significant part of our day-to-day life. We constantly update our status to share our day-to-day life, private life, and financial details with our followers. But, do you know that some malicious hackers always keep an eye on your social media accounts? Do you want to learn the hacker’s tactics on how to view private Facebook or other social media accounts?

Even though various technological changes are taking place, few people belonging to a non-technological background are still unaware of protecting their data from these vicious hackers. There are around 2.8 million cyber security experts in the world. But that is comparatively low to the number of people using social media. Unfortunately, they are prone to cyber-attacks.

How Hackers Access Your Social Media Accounts?

Here is a list of tips that hackers use to hack your social media accounts or how to hack someones Facebook:

  • Phishing

One of the prominent yet strong tricks hackers use to steal someone’s information on social media is Phishing. The hackers make a fake yet legitimate social media login page and share it with other users. If you enter your credentials, the hackers directly get the information related to your respective accounts. Mostly, hackers use this technique to hack someone’s social media accounts since users find it difficult to differentiate between the real and fake login pages.

  • Cookie Hijacking

Cookie hijacking is usually developed via saved cookies in your browser. When users log in to their social media accounts, the server gives a session cookie. It is a portion of data that suggests the user to that server. It assists them to access their accounts. Following that, the server allows the user to use the application which was stored in the device as a session token. Hackers try to steal the session token to get access to the respective user’s account. This token gets hijacked by imposing the device with malware which monitors and steals the session data.

  • Key Logging

Another formal trick hacker’s use is key logging. The hackers try to generate your fundamental pattern in their computer through the internet. It is based on your key patterns typed on the keyboard. The user opens a link or attachment sent through a phishing mail. Hence, the key loggers get installed by a social engineering attack. Another way to install a key logger is through a webpage script. By exploiting a vulnerable browser or entering a fake site, the key logger is launched on your device.