7 Christmas Decorating Trends You Need to Know About Before You Start Shopping

With Christmas right around the corner, you have to think of new and creative ways to spruce up your home! If you’re looking for some inspiration to add some trendy Christmas cheer, you might want to take a look at some of the latest holiday trends. Different types of trees, modern color palettes, and personalized Christmas ornaments are some up and coming Christmas trends for a stylish Christmas in 2021.

  1. Get Your Perfect Tree

Sparse and asymmetrical trees are growing in popularity. After all, nature has never been perfectly symmetrical. What more, with a sparse tree, your Christmas decorations are going to pop out even more. If this doesn’t suit your tastes, you can always aim for a classic fir tree, which never goes out of style for the holiday season.

  1. Let It Snow!

Bringing in some natural snow might spell a bit of a Christmas disaster for you, but you can always give the illusion of a snowy Christmas. Any home can give off that cozy, snowy winter effect by layering white decorations on each other.

Don’t you worry, it doesn’t need to be the same shade of white, too! Just get your hands on different shades of cool and warm whites, and you’ll be good to go. You can use different Christmas lights, personalized Christmas ornaments, etc., to achieve that.

  1. A Cutesy Christmas

If classic and traditional ornaments aren’t in your bag, you might want to try your hand with some adorable, dream-like decorations instead. The holidays are all about having fun with loved ones, and you can show off that fun side with endearing personalized Christmas ornaments instead.

  1. All Natural

Sustainability is another top trend for holiday decor this 2021. You can show off your love of all things natural by pairing more eco-friendly ornaments with nature-oriented decor to give your home a comfy, organic feel. In addition, ornaments and decor made from repurposed materials are on the rise this year.

  1. Chic Colors that Pop

It might come as a surprise, but you do not always have to go for a traditional white Christmas. Colors are always a refreshing new element to a home, especially when placed properly. For instance, you can add a few red and gold ornaments to your white Christmas tree.

  1. Tree Skirts

A fun piece of decor that you can add to your Christmas tree is a tree skirt. These skirts cover the bottom of your tree, adding some style while hiding the tree’s base. Plus, tree skirts come in a variety of colors and styles to match your theme and home.

  1. Less Is More

Sometimes, you do not have to go all out, especially if you prefer a minimal look. For instance, more homes are opting for sparser, thinner Christmas trees with minimal ornaments. They also use Christmas lights and other decors in strategic places of the home, like above a fireplace.

Are you stuck for ideas this holiday season? Why not try out some of these Christmas trends to help decorate your home for a festive celebration.

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