Being Fluent In English: How Many Words Do You Need To Know?

Is it necessary to know a certain number of words to be fluent in English? Have you ever thought about being fluent in English? And have you tried to figure out how many words you need to know for this? Is there such a question? To better understand this point, we’ve brought this article for you, English tutoring online (ติว ภาษา อังกฤษ ออนไลน์ which is the term in Thai) will also go a long way to help you. Follow us.

To Be Fluent In English – 3000 To 4000 Words

 Yes, there is a word count to be considered fluent. That way, if you have a vocabulary of around 3000 to 4000 words, you will be able to read magazines and newspapers with peace of mind. Thus, this is considered an advanced level. In other words: you will be able to converse and communicate easily with people.

400 To 500 Words

With that many words, you are considered a beginner. That way, you might be able to understand some things, but you still have some difficulty. For example, if you are a tourist, you might get by with some help.

800 To 1000 Words

This is also a basic level, but with the help of a dictionary, conversations flow better. Thus, readings and audios become easier for those who are at that moment.

1500 To 2000 Words (You Are Close To Being Fluent In English By That Amount)

With this number of words learned, you can already consider yourself an intermediary in the English language. Here, you can chat faster. Also, everyday conversations will be easier to follow. However, reading more scientific articles or listening to very fast songs with slang can still be difficult.

8000 Words

Knowing this number of words, you can consider yourself more than fluent (if that’s possible, right?). That amount is more than anyone needs to know. Of course, learning that many words is not impossible. However, to be fluent in English, you need less than that.