Frequently asked questions about buying Instagram followers

Buying followers on Instagramtakes a lot. There’s a whole procedure and concept attached to it. If you find yourself on this posting, it means you probably have tons of questions on how to buy Instagram followers. We’ve taken the time off your neck, to gather frequently asked question from around the globe and compile it into a single posting and of course, with answers to them. Let’s jump right in.

Will my Instagram account get banned?

This question is a bit of a tricky one. Instagram policies are now strict and you could get caught easily if you buy from a low quality provider. On the contrary, Instagram won’t ban your Instagram account if you buy real followers on Instagram

Will others know I bought followers?

To answer these questions, it again depends on the provider you go to buy your followers from. Because, other people can easily detect an account that bought followers just buying looking at the amount of people that like the photo. If it doesn’t correspond reasonably enough, it means that you bought your followers from a low quality account.

Doe buying Instagram followers work?

Yes!, even if you buying from the lowest person, you’d still get notifications of people following you unless you fall a victim of scam websites. But other than that, it’s a real thing and it does work.

Will I get real or fake followers?

This depends on how much you’re willing to spend and where you buy from. People actually buy fake Instagram followers. That is, it’s a planned thing. So if you either want real or fake followers, that’s for you to decide anyways.

Can I lose the followers I bought?

You may, you may not. We can’t say for sure. But if the followers you bought are real Instagram followers, most of these accounts may unfollow you later on if they do not enjoy your content. In other words, they act like a real Instagram account because they’re one.

How does buying Instagram accounts work?

Honestly, every provider that sells Instagram followers is different from his colleagues or competitors. But they have a general way of getting the followers to you. They either use platforms such as Botnet, reward networks, targeted advertising, etc.

Is buying Instagram followers safe?

I really doubt that any transaction on earth is safe. You may fall unto scam followers’ providers that actually look legit. So, unless you know someone that does it first hand, or a good friend of yours referred you to someone else, you may want to make good research before buying from any follower provider so you don’t get duped.

Is it illegal or against the law to buy Instagram followers?

Nope, there’s no law against it, neither is it illegal of any sort. But some providers while in the course f getting the likes to you use certain methods that go against Instagram policies.