How Much Does Rehab Cost?

If you’ve read newspapers regularly, you will likely be familiar with the seemingly never-ending list of celebrities who ‘check-in’ to rehab. Most people reading this will probably have only learned about rehab clinics’ existence via reading these types of stories.

Reading these stories may leave the impression that going to rehab is an exclusive resort of the rich and famous. If a loved one or you suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, then you may be put off due to an assumption that you just won’t be able to afford the fees, questioning how much it costs for a drug rehab.

This assumption is frequently incorrect. At United Recovery Project, we have partnered with a range of rehab clinics up and down the country who give affordable addiction treatment to ‘normal’ people just like yourself.

While there does exist ‘luxury rehab’ clinics, the vast majority of rehabs in the United Kingdom catering to the needs (and budget) of the majority of ordinary people.

The Length of Rehab Treatment

As a rule of thumb, attending an addiction rehab clinic will increase with the time you spend within the clinic. If you require a quick one-week detox, going to rehab will work out less than a four-to-six-week inpatient program. So how much does it cost for a drug rehab? The answer will be significantly affected by the length of treatment.

However, if you opt for short-term treatment lasting for under a week, you are more likely to experience a relapse following the completion of treatment. Following the decline, you may then elect to undergo a more extended program. This might mean you would have saved money if you selected a more extended running rehab program from the outset.

What Happens During Rehab Treatment?

Most rehab clinics in the United States will encourage you to remain in their care for at least one month. These programs are classically referred to as ’28-day programs’. During this time, you will undertake a detox, rehab therapy, and eventually, you will return to the rehab clinic for ‘aftercare’ sessions. How long you stay at the rehab determines how much cost you will incur for drug rehab.

If you do not stay in a rehab clinic for an ample amount of time, you will not receive enough therapy essential for helping you achieve your medium and long-term recovery goals.

Below, we outline precisely what you should expect to receive during your rehab treatment:

  • Therapy: both throughout and following your detox, you will sit in one-to-one and group therapy sessions. Treatment may take days, weeks, or even months to ‘kick-in.’ Therapy is purely psychological, so it is difficult to give an accurate estimation regarding when treatment should be considered ‘done.’ Generally, the longer you invest in therapy, the better. Therapy is rarely effective when it is offered over only a week or two.
  • Detox: When you are addicted to alcohol and some drugs, you are said to suffer from a ‘physical dependency.’ To help combat withdrawal symptoms in a safe yet effective manner, you must undertake a medically assisted detox. This occurs from day 1 when you enter the rehab clinic. A detox requires typically around 7-14 days to complete, depending upon the severity of your addiction to either drugs or alcohol.
  • Aftercare: Aftercare is therapy sessions offered on an outpatient basis. You will visit therapy sessions on an outpatient basis following the completion of residential care.