How To Earn Money While Under Lockdown

We all are directly affected by the COVID 19 situation. Almost all of our industries took some type of hit. For the workforce, some of us got laid off. Part of the workforce have their jobs suspended until further notice. No matter what the setup is, we must stay positive throughout this lockdown. 

Productivity may vary among all of us. Some may use this time as a unique way of reflecting. Others might look forward to making money off of their quarantine time. No matter what productivity may mean to you, we must know that there are ways to make money while on lockdown. 

That is right. You can earn money during this lockdown. The beauty of SEO writing is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home. You will not have to come across people and get yourself infected. All you have to do is to write a bunch of articles that are for SEO writing.

Alternatively, you can also choose to be a social media manager or copywriter who writes content for social media campaigns from companies. For example, a company decided to hire you to write a campaign for a halloween campaign. You can write content, add images plus have the benefit of adding emojis. You can add a pumpkin emoji within your text to imply and strengthen the emphasis that you are promoting a product something associated with halloween.

Freelance SEO Writing

There are tons of small businesses that hire writers for their SEO write-ups. These writers are often doing a lot of freelance writing. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” SEO means that any writer should write about keyword-rich articles. The articles that anyone would produce will then produce website traffic.  

How would your articles create website traffic, you might ask? They would enable the client’s rank to go higher in any search engine. So, your write-ups as a freelance SEO writer would mean so much for your client. Your worries about your lockdown productivity would go away as soon as you start writing.  

SEO articles are often less informative. Anyone reading an SEO article would know the difference between the ones from the magazines. However, it should not stop you from being creative in your write-ups. You can channel all your creativity and writing skills throughout 200 to a thousand words. This word count is the typical range of most SEO articles

A Wide Range Of Topics

The topics of SEO articles have a wide range and selection to choose from. You can even easily find the topics that you are familiar with. We all know that it would be much easier if you know what you are going to write about. Research is still pretty much needed in SEO writing. So, if you have an idea about your topic, writing will be a lot easier and faster!

The topics of SEO articles also depend on the niche or the client. The more you write, the more you will see writing gigs that require dedicated SEO articles and blogs. Keep in mind that your blog owners, small businesses, e-commerce businesses will pay you for your write-ups.

So, freelance writing could be a way for you to be productive during this lockdown. All you have to do is write to the best of your ability. There are a couple of SEO skills and tips that you will figure out as you progress as a freelance writer. The beauty of SEO writing is that you get to learn new things while earning money at the comfort of your desk!

SEO Writing Basics

SEO articles range around a hundred to a thousand words. You must have good resources to help you while you write. Those word count requirements would likely come from what the client wants. So, some clients would require a thousand words for a specific topic. Others would ask for 700 words on this topic. And so on.

There will be some clients that have specific goals. It is essential that you, as a freelance writer, ask what his articles want to accomplish. Typically, you will have to work around the needs and demands of the client. That would not mean that you should limit yourself to those things. You can always add a bit of personalization if it is necessary.

It is crucial that your article, as a finished product, is fundamentally sound. You would not want to produce write-ups that have a lot of errors. For the mistakes and other things, an SEO typically has tools to help with the write-ups. Most of the time, we make mistakes, and these SEO tools can be helpful for any freelance writer.


SEO writing can be a great gig for anyone stuck in this lockdown. If you think that you have the necessary skills needed, then you should look to start writing. Not only are you earning money during this lockdown, but you get to do it in the comfort of your own home.

You will see that your growth as an SEO writer would come from more SEO writing gigs. It can be so easy to earn money with SEO writing. It is also vital that every article should satisfy and meet the requirements of the client. Start your freelance career as an SEO writer now and earn money while the world waits for COVID 19 to pass.