How to study lessons correctly

Study with a friend or in groups

It is always preferable to stay away from isolation when studying and preparing for exams, when studying with a friend or within groups the result is better, because the use of others helps to exchange ideas and address information well, and through groups can use various methods of study, such as studying by playing or guessing or Race and other methods, and topics can also be divided between people, in this way the study is fun, useful and easier than studying alone. [1]

Focus with the teacher

Focusing with the teacher helps to know the expected questions in the test, by studying the topics most focused by the teacher, and the student can learn from previous tests that the teacher also sets, there are certain classes and important points that teachers focus on more than others. [1]

Choose the right time to study

There are people who love to study in the early morning hours, and there are also those who love to study in the night hours, so the student must know the appropriate time for him, in which he is in a great deal of focus and activity, where he does not feel tired and tired. [2]

Stay away from distractions

When studying, it is necessary to stay away from distractions, for example it is not correct and useful to study the student and his mobile phone in his possession, or study and chat with friends at the same time, and also it is necessary to turn off the computer device at the time of study, and not to play any music or singing that disturbs thinking and focus, and can For the person to add a sign on his room door to prevent anyone from entering, for example at the time of the tests, and it is possible to go to a place far from the noise such as the library or any place free from noise, and by using these methods the student’s ability to focus is stimulated. [2]

Tips for studying well

There are some tips that you should pay attention to at the time of the study, including:

take a break

The brain resembles muscles in its work, as it needs to be constantly exercising and active to make it stronger and more efficient, but the mind must not be overburdened, in order to obtain better results for study it is preferable to have times of rest and breaks between study hours, as continuing to study Lessons for an extended period of time exhaust the brain and reduce its ability to concentrate, while giving it opportunities to rest leads to its fresh recovery and makes it more able to receive and preserve new information. [1]

Drinking coffee

Drinking coffee, especially in the early morning, is considered one of the methods that helps to focus and mental activity, and if the individual feels disturbed in the morning, the drinking of a hot cup of coffee is sufficient to stimulate the mind. [3]

Drinking water

Drinking water during study time and during resting times is of great importance in increasing the brain’s ability to focus. If the brain has a large percentage of dehydration, the ability to focus becomes weak, and this of course affects memory, so low concentration may be evidence of thirst and the need to drink water. [3]

What is the correct way to study

Reading aloud

Reading aloud helps increase the ability to remember, as a 2015 study on the effect of production on some students studying aloud and others studying without a voice indicated that remembering and performing students who were studying aloud better than their peers studying without a voice. 4]

take a break

A person’s ability to memorize information decreases after about twenty-five minutes or half an hour from the start of the study, so the student must rest and comfort himself by taking short and intermittent breaks and doing some recreational activities in it. [5]

Explanation of the lesson

One of the successful methods of study lies in explaining the subject and the lesson to another person, or a doll, or even to the wall, and a person can depict himself while he is explaining the material and concepts to see the photography after it, and see the places of hesitation and weakness he has to focus on later. [6]

Set a specific time for study

The person and the student must organize at specific times to study, such as studying at a specific hour of each day in order to adapt psychologically and mentally that this time is devoted to study only, and it must be adhered to, and in the event that the person is forced to change this routine because of his exposure to a circumstance he must That routine comes back as soon as that circumstance ends. [6]

Allocate a place to study

The student should be assigned a specific place to study and avoid studying in the places where he performs other activities; for example: he should not study in bed, in the playground, or in front of the TV screen. [5]

Remove distraction

Some students are busy studying, distracted, and focused because of their constant browsing of social media, so the student should make sure to completely turn off his phone and place it in another room before starting the study. [6]


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