The Fabrics Of The Kitchen Curtains, Which One To Choose

We will look for some decorative kitchen curtains, but we will not lose sight of the fact that we also want them resistant and easy to wash. They also have to withstand the smoke from the kitchen and the humidity that often occurs in this room in the house. We are cooking, and these conditions occur very often.

So if you want, for example, to put some white type of curtains (แบบ ผ้า ม่าน which is the term in Thai), we advise you to use cotton. This natural fiber is very resistant. It is a light fabric, and it will not cost you any extra work to wash it either. If you opt for colored kitchen curtains, cotton is also very suitable.

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Kitchen Sheers That Let The Sunlight Through

As you can see, cotton is a very resistant element. You can also see that there are different types of texture. For kitchen curtains, it is very normal to combine the softness of cotton with polyester. In this way, when mixed with this artificial fiber, it is still endowed with more resistance. There is also a third possibility, such as mixing cotton, viscose, and polyester.

Apart from the combinations of natural and artificial fibers, what you have to keep in mind is always that the kitchen has to be a space that has a lot of light. And you should not put curtains that hinder that entrance of light. So the most advisable thing is to opt for light colors. They are the ones that allow it to penetrate better, but they are also the ones that create a feeling of more spaciousness.

You Can Also Choose The Blinds

Kitchen sheers are great for decorating kitchens to provide them with spaciousness and light. Although it is true, as we have told you at the beginning of this post, that they are perhaps more suitable for large kitchens. But there are many decorative options, and if your kitchen is not as wide, you can choose the blinds.