How To Unlock A Nokia With The Unlock Code

It doesn’t take a great technician for you to learn how to unlock your Nokia phone. Although it is true that, in general, unlocking a mobile can be difficult and expensive, in this article, you will see that this time, you will only need five minutes and that, in addition, it is completely free. If you do not know what unlocking your phone means or what is an unlocked phone, it is essentially a mobile phone that isn’t tied down to one specific carrier. Unlocking your phone gives you the freedom to choose the mobile carrier that you prefer to use.

If you already have your unlock code, we will explain how to unlock phone step by step.

You will need to:

  1. A Nokia phone
  2. An Unlock code

What Are The Steps To Follow?

Step 1

Before attempting to free your Nokia, you must have an unlock code. If you do not have it because your company has not provided it, then you can get it on the following websites:


Step 2

Once you have the code to unlock Nokia Lumia, then you can start the process of unlocking it. To start, turn off the mobile phone and remove the SIM card, once this is done, put the battery back and turn it on.

Step 3

If you already have your code, similar to this # pw + 876025783402147 + 1 # (this is an example), you have to press the pound and press the asterisk key several times until the ‘p’ appears and, again, asterisk until the ‘w’ and ‘+’, finally your number and pad.

Step 4

Ready! If you have received a message informing you that you have unlocked your Nokia mobile phone, everything is perfect, you have succeeded.

Now, if it has not worked, then you must repeat the process, but be very careful, because if you do it more than five times, it will be blocked and you will never be able to try it again, so be very careful.