Ideas for a club to draw business on a slow night

There are millions of dollars being generated from clubs and bars in 퀸알바.  Mostly crowds are seen during weekends for most of the clubs. But there are times when the activities tend to slow to a crawl during weeknights. It does not have to be that way with specials, activities, and events which draws in guests.


You have to entice customers that come to the club on the busy nights to return to be able to participate in contests on those nights that are quite slow. Contests might include sexiest guy, funniest pajamas, singing, dancing, or joke telling.

You have to choose a weekday night during a sports season for professional teams like baseball to have the outfit of a fan that is most outrageous contest while the game is shown live on TV. You can change the menu of the club so that it reflects the traditional food of ballpark.

If the club does not normally serve any food, you can hire a food truck that is licensed when the event is happening. The guests you attract will be a representation of the demographics which are broader than the normal clientele of the club.

TV shows

Pick a popular TV show and utilize its theme as the theme of the night. Shows for dancing are a great choice as customers can easily participate after practicing their dance moves later on. You can invite local schools for dancing so that they can give out free lessons to your clientele. The school gets increased visibility and a possibility of getting new students. The popular shows after they are over, guests can be able to forecast who is going to stay and who is going to leave for home on the next show.


You can pick a theme such as vampires, a popular movie or the 1950s songs. Incorporate the element into the décor of the club, drinks and food. Ensure that your staff are dressed in a manner which is appropriate. Encourage the guests to dress in character through offering a drink for whoever comes in costumes. Use the theme music to encourage your guests into dancing. The roaring twenties and the disco era are some of the possible themes which you can embrace.

The girls’ night out

Part of the fun that you can get at a club is going in with a group and then being able to meet some new friends. Guys go to meet girls and girls go to meet guys. Waive the charge of the cover for the girls on a slow night show every week. Another option could be having a two for one special where either a drink or the cover is catered for by the club.

Free stuff

Eliminate any cover charge when it comes to the slow nights of the week to encourage new customers coming in and for the old ones to keep on returning.