Play Fantasy Football with these 6 Mobile Games

Play Fantasy Football using these 6 Mobile Games. The Official Fantasy Football Game of the NFL is the only place to play official fantasy football games! Start drafting your fantasy football team today! It’s FREE to play! Play on the go with these 6 Mobile Games.

1) Draft Kings

Draft Kings is one of many daily fantasy sports (DFS) sites, which allow you to play real-world games against other people. Instead of owning individual players for an entire season, you can pick new rosters on a weekly basis. This makes it easy to start and stop, especially if you’re not sure how much time you’ll have each week. Plus, Draft Kings offers both cash games and tournaments.

2) Yahoo Fantasy

After establishing yourself as a regular fantasy football player, it’s time to start thinking about your options for next season. Obviously, you can just continue playing on Yahoo’s site and hope that everyone else isn’t hip to what they’re doing. You can also find alternatives to play on if you feel that Yahoo is too expensive or not giving you enough flexibility. Just be careful of which platform you choose: some fantasy football apps cost money and others don’t offer all of Yahoo’s features. That said, there are some solid alternatives out there if you want something different than what Yahoo has to offer.

3) Fan Duel

Fan Duel is a mobile app that allows you to play daily fantasy sports games. You pick an NFL player and then rack up points based on his real-life performance. The more points he earns, the better your position in daily, weekly and season-long contests. For those who like to play  fantasy football but prefer to make all their moves from their smartphone or tablet, Fan Duel is a great option. It’s not one of those games where you have to spend hours building your team; instead, it’s easy and fun—and you still get exposure to pro football players and teams as they compete for wins each week.

4) CBS Sports App

The official app of CBS Sports is a great way to get in on all of your favorite sports, including football. With free scores and news feeds for over a dozen different major sports leagues, you’ll never have to jump from one app to another again while watching games. The network also has a handy scoreboard widget so you can always keep an eye on your favorite teams’ scores without having to leave what you’re doing. Available for iOS and Android. Free.

5) NFL Sunday Ticket App

Sunday Ticket has been a cable staple for many years now. Thanks to a recent partnership between Verizon and NFL Sunday Ticket, you can download your favorite teams’ games on your mobile device without a cable subscription. The new NFL Sunday Ticket Live app provides access to all out-of-market games—including those involving your favorite team—as well as condensed versions of every game being played on Sundays during any given week, so you’ll never miss another big play or record-breaking performance again. In addition, if you have an Apple TV or Chromecast connected to your TV, you can also stream live local and primetime games from CBS and NBC respectively.

6) NFL Mobile App

One of my favorite mobile apps, NFL Mobile is a free app that makes it easy to check live scores, add players to your fantasy football teams and even look at video highlights. It also allows you to stream games from anywhere when you’re in a location where NFL Sunday Ticket isn’t available. If you’re a dedicated fan of another sports league, there are other apps available. NBA League Pass offers live streaming for NBA games and MLB At Bat lets you watch baseball games on your mobile device or tablet. All three are highly rated in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play’s store, so if you want to try out one of these sports services for free before committing, I encourage you to do so!


There are tons of mobile games on which you can play fantasy football, but some stand out as better options than others. Check out our picks for 2016’s fantasy football is the best mobile games. If none of them appeal to you, try one that does! The more apps you choose from, the more practice and strategies that will help your team succeed throughout a season. You don’t need to know all about these mobile apps before opening an account—check out their descriptions and ask friends what they think.