oily hair and shampoo

Hair that constantly cumulates grease can turn your day into torture, because you will only think about your hairstyle in Manhattan Barbershop, it will seem to you that everyone is looking at greasy, shiny hair roots. Therefore, you have to carry a can of dry shampoo in your bag. But this is also not an option, because over time the hair will get used to such a trick, the scalp will release more fat, the bulbs will weaken, the curls will fall out with incredible strength. So, the key to healthy and beautiful curls is proper cleansing. That is, a quality shampoo for oily hair. Of course, it will not give you perfectly clean hair for 3-4 days, but for two days with a fresh haircut you can definitely go through.

Shampoo for hair prone to oily, most often has a mark of “regulatory” or “balancing”. This means that it contains absorbing and drying agents (for example, clay, as well as zinc, plant extracts and other components that regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands).

Hair prone to oiliness is best washed in the morning, as sebaceous glands are especially actively produced at night.

If irritation or itching is added to the unpleasant oily scalp, choose a remedy intended for sensitive scalp, for example, a “soothing” shampoo. It normalizes the pH of the skin, bringing it closer to the natural value (it is in the range of 4.5-5.5), and thereby slows down the active secretion of sebaceous secretion. Products labeled “for oily hair”, as a rule, have either a neutral pH level or pH close to alkaline (ranging from 6 to 8). It’s better not to abuse them: such products very aggressively cleanse the scalp, almost completely washing away the natural film, which makes the sebaceous glands work even more intensively after washing than before.

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