Online video slots and their themes explained

What is a video slot?

You would have seen a mechanical slot machine in physical casinos. These machines will have physical reels that will spin if the player pushes the level. A video slot is the digitized version of these mechanical machines. Since a video slot machine game is digitized in the physical casinos, there will be no difference for an online video slot. There are several websites like สล็อต xo that provide specialized slot games. You will see a slot machine with five reels and several pay-lines on your monitor. The number of pay lines will differ for each game with a minimum of nine. The greater the number of pay lines, the harder it is to choose a winning combination. The player should choose a combination of symbols along with a pay line in the case of user-selected slot machines. Then he can press the spin button to rotate the reels. Once the reels stop, he can find the selected pay line joining some symbols. If these are the character selected by him in the beginning, he will win. Every video slot machine will have a theme for the symbols, animations, sounds, and graphics. It can be anything popular out of casinos. In this article, let us discuss some of these themes used in video slots.

Popular themes used in video slots

Movie theme – You can find at least one person in your house who is a big fan of superhero movies. It is the strategy of casinos to attract players by inducing their attraction for movies and characters. The symbols, graphics, and sounds will reflect the elements of the particular film. A player interested in the film will give it a try, at least.

Horror theme – You will be a fan of horror. Since it is the most liked genre, most of the online casinos picked it up for their video slots. People will love to get scared or deal with scary events. It helped the casinos to gain customers with the help of a scary setup and sounds.

Space theme – It will always be an attraction factor if the things are set up reflecting the elements of space. You can find many video slots with the “universe and space” backdrop. The symbols can be planets, astronauts, satellites, etc. The sound effects will make you feel like you are into space. This theme is becoming popular with science enthusiasts.

Music theme – Some video slots will have a musical theme. The symbols will be anything related to the music industry. It is no surprise to have terrific sound effects on the theme of music. The rise of the music industry in the early 2000s has made it more popular in slot machines.

Regional theme – These themes will reflect the unique traditions and culture of a particular region. Examples are the backdrops of japan or china. Japanese set up is more popular among the westerners. You can also find Egyptian set up in some video slots.