Play safe, play fair

There are various requirement to start an online casino. It includes getting a reputed software design games, then creating a set-up for betting zone and a lot more of backhand things that we are unaware. But there are some things that lies completely in the hands of the player. On how to be safe and play smartly. With the increasing of casino sites like พุซซี่888 (in Thai), pussy888, and a lot more uncountable sites, it is the duty of the player to keep the environment safe for himself before indulging in any form of betting. 

This site mentioned here, pussy888 has a huge following in the Malaysian market. The audience playing or wagering in these sites have always been guided to follow these simple steps. This way the idea of online casino can be looked upon as a fun, money-making activity instead of a stressful, bankrupting activity.

When you go for betting there are rules that can make it legit. Below are listed some of the common rules and terms in the wagering game-

  1. Bonus are an attractive feature of any casino site. The casino sites are judged based on the kind of bonus they offer. But it should be known that these bonus should be used within 7 days from the issue date. The casino site has full authority to remove any pending bonus after the period of 7 days. 
  2. The bonus should be requested to be credited. If the player does not pay attention and declines the request, then the bonus is withdrawn. Thus, it is necessary to be alert when dealing with such things. 
  3. The terms and conditions for betting gets applied onto the account as soon as the bonus gets credited on it. It should be understood before placing any further bets. 
  4. As the bonus gets credited, the player needs to play with the ‘bought-in’ money or the deposited in money before the using the bonus money by casino.
  5. The online casino site has all the right to stop the player from taking the won amount, if any sort of cheating practices are noticed.

What sort of cheating?

Gamblers are supposed to trickster and thus there are some ways that a player might use to trick the system or cheat in the online gaming system.

  1. The bet placed can be equal to or only 30% to the bonus before any betting needs are checked. 
  2. The player at times, transfers to high betting system from low to meet the betting requirement and clearing them. 
  3. The player plays for about 500 rounds back to back in any sort of casino games during the bonus play. This will be using bonus for more than two hours in a game.
  4. Taking low risk on casino games in Roulette. 

There can be many more ways in which a player try to cheat in this system. But it ultimately depends on the online casino site, on how well-protected it is from all sorts of malpractices.