Signs and Options That You Can Make Use of

Do you want the sign to be visible and attract customers? Neon light is a spectacular option for both outdoor and interior advertising designs. The juicy, colorful color of neon lamps is visible from afar. Their beautiful glow attracts you like a magnet, and creates around an aura of relaxation and enjoyment. That is why neon signs are so popular in bars, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and other places of restthey add to the atmosphere of the institution of festive relaxation, which is exactly what you need.

When in the 90s neon lamps arrived in Ukraine, they were a novelty and had not yet managed to win such an honorable place in the advertising industry as abroad. Today, in our country, neon is used for various public and residential places. He is at the peak of popularity. What is the advantage of neon signs? How do they work, and what types do they have? All you need to know about neon signs is later in this article. You can check this website to find all kinds of neon lights and decide how to use them.

Neon signswhy do you need them?

Neon signs are made of neon lamps. In fact, these are colored or transparent glass tubes filled with gas. Gas is not simple, but nobleneon, argon, or mixtures thereof with helium, xenon, krypton. If you connect such a lamp to electricity, the gas will begin to glow.

The light diameter of a neon lamp is affected by the diameter of the tube. The thinner the tube is, the sharper is the light. Tubes are from 8 to 18 mm in diameter. We recommend choosing 8-12 mm lamps for interior lighting, and 12-18 mm for outdoor lighting.

Probably the point is these benefits:


Neon lamps live longer than ordinary lamps, since they do not have incandescent filaments that quickly burn out. In addition, they are resistant to temperatures: they work well in heat and in frost. By the way, if you often turn on / off such a lamp, it will not work less from this. The average life of neon lamps is 10-15 years. Impressive, agree?


A neon sign eats some energy. It is economical in comparison with fluorescent lamps, but still inferior in efficiency to LEDs. In general, an option for the average budget. By the way, the price for neon signs is very pleasant.


You can give any shape and size to neon tubes, choose up to 80 shades of colors, make it part of an advertising composition or a separate full-fledged sign. The range of options is huge. The border is only in your imagination.

Light quality

Saturated and uniform light without spots, tears, dimmingthis neon sign guarantees a priori. But other types, the same LED signs, can create such problems. True, only if low-quality materials were used in their manufacture, which we do not allow in the manufacture of advertising structures.

Looking for a neon sign to buy?

Take note that neon is successfully used for:

  • names of non-residential establishments (restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes, shopping centers and similar places)
  • brand names (company logos, symbols)
  • architectural lighting (entrance to a nightclub or casino)
  • interior lighting