Signs of an Old and Outdated Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets can last for as long as 50 years, depending on the quality of the material, which makes it a permanent household unit once installed. However, some factors can degrade their condition, such as the sudden changes in temperature and infestation of termites. It can bring discoloration, cracks, and holes to a set of cupboards, and services for a kitchen cabinet resurfacing Orange County may be needed to fix and repair these issues. 

At first glance, it can be hard to identify old and worn kitchen cupboards that need cabinet refacing oc, but there are signs that you can look out for when doing a cupboard inspection.

Sign #1: Unwanted Smell Inside the Cabinets

Check your cabinets for unwanted odors caused by debris, dust, and even spoiling food that has accumulated over time. Even though cleaning can eliminate this unwanted odor, it can also affect the condition or quality of the wood that may bring back the bad smell.

Sign #2: Excessive Wear and Tear

Closely check your cabinets for scratches and malfunctioning knobs, which are some signs of wear and tear to look out for to figure out if there is a need to undergo kitchen cabinet resurfacing.

Sign #3: Difficulty in Opening and Closing The Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinet doors are primarily designed to have a seamless opening and closing motion. If it doesn’t fit back to the main cabinet panel after closing it down, its hinges may be an issue.

Sign #4: Difficulty in Pulling the Cabinet Drawers

If it takes some effort to open your cabinet drawers, it can be a sign that services for a kitchen cabinet refacing southern California are needed. Any tools inside your faulty drawers can get stuck unless you force your way to open them. However, it can also cause further damage to your cabinets.

Sign #5: Mold Build-up

Exposure to water can attract mold, which tends to result in allergic reactions to humans. Letting the mold infiltrate kitchen storage can hasten the lifespan of your cupboards.

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