Storage Organiser Ideas For Kids Bedroom

When designing a kid’s bedroom, your priority should also include storage. Sufficient storage options are very essential in kids’ rooms. This is because kids are not good at arranging things and keeping the room organised. Further, kids tend to have a lot of items in their rooms like clothes, books, toys, games, etc. As a result, the room stays cluttered and appears very unappealing. Hence, you have to create sufficient storage in the bedroom so that your kids can easily store everything and keep the room clutter-free. There are various storage options you can choose for your children’s bedroom design. If you are not sure how to create additional storage, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 04 Make use of vertical space

To create more storage without occupying too much extra space in your children’s bedroom design, you should make use of space smartly. Using vertical space for creating additional storage instead of occupying extra floor space is a great idea. It will allow you to store various items in small rooms without making them appear compact or cluttered. Consider installing shelves on the walls that can be used for keeping or stacking books and toys. The items kept on shelves are easily accessible and enhance the appeal of the room as well. If sufficient space is available, you can invest in a tall wardrobe that can easily store lots of items. Depending on your kid’s age, vertical storage also allows you to store a few items out of your child’s reach.

02 of 04 Choose multifunctional furniture pieces

Irrespective of the size of the room, there are a few essential kid’s room furniture pieces you have to buy. These furniture pieces make the room functional and it will appear incomplete without them. However, there might not be sufficient space available once you place all the essential furniture pieces in the bedroom. This is why you should consider opting for multifunctional furniture pieces. There are many kid’s room furniture pieces available in the market that not only add functionality but also offer additional storage space. For instance, you can easily get beds that come with drawers for extra storage. Similarly, you can easily find various multifunctional furniture pieces for your children’s bedroom design. Depending on your preferences, you can get any colour, design, pattern, shape, size, etc. Hence, it will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space as well. Do not worry if you do not have a huge budget. You can easily find many budget-friendly options as well.

03 of 04 Storing clothes properly

Kids have lots of clothes. Storing all these clothes can be quite difficult, especially in a small bedroom. You can consider folding and storing them in drawers but these storage options can be used for storing other essential items. Hence, instead of folding and stacking them in drawers, just hang them. Hanging them will allow you to make use of space more efficiently and use the drawers for storing some other items that cannot be hung. For this purpose, install a suspension rod in the wardrobe from which you can easily hang shirts, pants, t-shirts, jackets, etc. You can install more than one suspension rod or use other accessories for this purpose as well like hooks. As a result, your kid does not have to fold the clothes for storing and they will be easily accessible as well. Once you run out of hanging space, you can put the rest in storage containers and label them so that your kid can easily find whatever he or she is looking for. This will help to ensure that the room stays organised and clutter-free.

04 of 04 A simple layout is often better 

When designing your room, you may come across various designing ideas. However, you must keep in mind at all times that the bedroom is not for you but for your kid. Hence, everything should be designed keeping the needs of a kid in mind. Try to imagine the look of the room from a kid’s perspective. This will help you to understand how to create the perfect storage for your children’s bedroom design. While regularly used books, clothes, and toys should be stored within hand’s reach, other not so frequently used items like loud toys should be stored a little higher. A few small changes like removing the wardrobe door, installing low drawers, keeping the suspension rod low, etc. can have a huge impact. Making storage easily accessible and convenient to use makes it easier for kids to keep the room clutter-free and organised. Hence, always try to keep the storage layout simple but smart and easily accessible.