The Best Games and Brain Training Website to Power Your Brain

From crosswords puzzles, pen and paper Sudoku to specialized brain training websites and applications, we have come a long way.

People of all ages are interested in playing games that can kick in some creativity, energy, and fun in their boring routine.

However not all games managed to bring out the creative and intellectual side in you. Some games only stress you out to the point that you have zero energy to focus on important things.

However, the brain training apps and website that we are going to talk about today in this blog helps the players get better skills in real life. The brain training games help the participants in improving their logic skills, improve memory and response time, and helps them understand the functioning in their brain more clearly.

However to make this happens you will need to make sure you have access to high-speed internet service at home. Without having the right internet service you cannot enjoy playing brain training games.

You might connect or even start a game with a slow internet connection but it will only lead to a frustrating journey where you end up not playing the games at all. Therefore, before we start with the suggestion you need to make sure you have a stable, strong, and high-speed internet connection like Hughesnet.

Fortunately, Hughesnet comes with a reliable and attentive Hughesnet Customer Service that makes the internet service a lot more convenient and worth having.

So now that we know about the basics, it is time to know more about the brain training games.


The number placement game, Sudoku, relies a lot on the participant’s short-term memory. We remember playing Sudoku for the first time online and the need for a good memory made us switch to the next game. However, the more we played Sudoku the more we were able to train the brain memory.

To complete a Sudoku puzzle you will always have to look ahead and follow the trails. For instance, if you put a 6 in the box, then that one must be an 8, and then this one might be a 4, and so on.

This type of complex gaming has proved to improve short-term memory and also user concentration.

For example, now that many of us are working from home it is hard to perform our best with all the distractions around us. Also when we are working from our comfort one – the home, then we are more likely to end up doing things that take us away from the actual work.

However, in between work if you have an urge to play some game or take a break then we would suggest you play Sudoku online.

These sudoku puzzles can help recharge your brain so that you can become productive at your work.

Also by playing this game you can keep the training process alive even when you are not available in the office.


Crosswords puzzles are the classic brian training games that not only help the participants get better in verbal languages but also helps in improving brain memory from accessing many dimensions of knowledge.

There are a lot of ways to solve crossword puzzles both online offline. You can even play the game in a daily newspaper.


To have a strong educator feel you need to download the game Elevate’s 35 ( and counting) from the app and play store.

The Elevate’s games help the participants in improving their writing, reading, math, and other skills that can help them achieve great things in real life.

This one even tracks your progress and sees how many skills you are improving through these games.



Available on both iOS and Android, the peak is another application-based game that helps the participants in working on their focus, problem-solving skills, memory, cognitive function, and even mental agility.

If you are a super competitive person you might even feel more energetic by checking out your progress and then comparing it against others

The app is free to use, but at an inexpensive price you can purchase a subscription to the game that unlocks more interesting features.

Let the Brain Play

If you want to train your brain but do not want to read boring books then brain training games can help you achieve your goal.