The Best Garden Gym Room You have Been Waiting for Now

Obviously, you find shelters of all prices. If you have a tight budget, opt for a metal shelter instead. You find small ones for a hundred euros.

Count 1500?approximately for a larger space

The resin then comes in second position of the cheapest shelters. For a little over 200?, You will find a 1.30m² shelter which will allow you to store your tools. On our site, the largest resin shelter is around 4600? It is a real little house with atypical charm. At the check this site you can have the best solutions now.

Obviously, the wooden shelter, by its natural elegance, is reserved for the biggest budgets. In our catalog, we offer, for example, a storage shelter of 1.09m² for 269? It is our first prize. Then, the more the area increases, the more the price follows the trend. Want the most luxurious? Why not buy a bungalow, a caravan or a chalet? Can you find 20,000? Definitely cheaper than an apartment, it is an equally comfortable living space.

Finishes (Opening And Shapes)

You now have an overview of the utility, the material and the prices. It’s a good start. Now let’s go to the finishes to make your shelter unique in its shape.

penings are the first thing to think about. For the smallest models (2 to 3 m²), you have the choice between a single door and a double window. Shelters from 3 to 6 m², meanwhile, offer you a single or double door, with or without a lock, as well as small windows.

  • Regarding the workshops (6 to 14 m²), your selection concerns the addition of windows as well as, of course, a single door or double doors.
  • Finally, for larger spaces, there are many options for glass doors, windows (plexiglass or glass) and closures.

Regarding the shape, it is best to focus on the roof.

  • Would you like it to be a little advanced to protect you from the sun and rain, if necessary?
  • And do you want to add a lean-to to protect your equipment or log shelters?

To this are added many options, such as the installation of an additional window, a gutter or shingles. All of this can affect the final shape of your shelter. Think about it before you make your final choice.

Buying Advice

To help you make your choice of cheap garden sheds, you will find many buying tips on our site. This can be comments from our users. Do not forget to read the sheets of our products to know precisely the characteristics of the shelter you want to buy.

Maintenance And Accessory For Garden Sheds

Depending on the material, the maintenance of your garden shed is more or less easy, so it is necessary to equip yourself with accessories for garden sheds. So, if you choose a metal shelter, know that it is protected against rust. A play of water from time to time is therefore enough to clean it. It is Ditto for the resin shelter. It only requires regular water rinsing.

The wooden shelter, meanwhile, requires a paint job from time to time. Also remember to stain it with suitable products to protect it.

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