Types Of Wristwatches You Need To Know

What time is it? Just look at the watch on your wrist to know the answer, right? But what is the story, and how does this mechanism so common for us today work? Learn more here on http://www.mywatchez.com/

Types Of Wristwatches And Operation

Now that we know a little more about the history of wristwatches such as Rolex counterfeits (นาฬิกา rolex ก๊อป which is the term in Thai), we can learn about their different types and how they work.

Manual Wrist Watches

Manual watches are the ones you need to wind up to turn their gears. This type of watch was very successful until 1920 but fell into disuse due to its lack of practicality. Its operation is done by a wheel oscillating from one side to the other, winding the clock and making the hands move.

Automatic Wrist Watches

Automatic watches only need the natural movement of your wrist to stay active. This type of watch is still used today, but it lost a lot of space in the market for quartz and digital watches. Its operation is similar to manual watches; the change is in a piece called a rotor, which rotates when the user moves the arm, winding the watch, making it work.

Quartz Wrist Watches

Quartz watches are those that work based on the vibrations of quartz crystals. This type of watch began mass-produced in the late 1960s and was much more accurate than mechanical watches. It is still used today but has lost market share due to its difficulty repairing. Its operation consists of an electromagnetic battery that sends electrical pulses to quartz crystals, enabling the marking of time.

Digital Wrist Watches

Digital watches are those where a liquid crystal display shows the time. This type of watch has become very popular in recent decades, dominating the market. Its operation consists of an electronic chip that controls the clock, showing the time on a liquid crystal display. Electronic chips enabled numerous watch functions, such as alarms, agendas, stopwatches, etc. Whether mechanical or electronic, it is inevitable that, nowadays, watches are no longer a simple time marker. They have become essential fashion accessories and will remain for a long time.