Welcome To the World of Fantasy Sports

There are numerous fantasy apps that make the task of playing the game an easy one. But among all of them, one of them deserves a special mention as it goes by the name of Player Sportz. In order to be playing the game, there are certain pointers that you have to be aware. It works out to be a platform where based on your sports knowledge you can win cash prizes. In fact, the app is 100% legal and a secure one.

The signing up procedure on this app is an easy one as you have to sign and incorporate the details. Then a confirmation link would be sent on to your email address and you have to click on that. With the help of Google plus or Facebook, you could save a lot of time. Once you opt for them the company is going to undertake the entire task. When it is the question of sports fantasy baseball there is no better option than being part of Player sportz.

Make it a point that you have gone on to incorporate the right information. Checkout for the user name and the password. If you are still having any issues click on the option forget password. The contact us page is another platform where you can obtain necessary information.

How to play the game

To make it big in the domain of fantasy baseball leagues there are a series of steps that you have to comply.

  •   Firstly you need to log in or register on to the site
  •   Then opt for a match as you will be directed to formulate a squad page once you have pressed on the option to develop a squad
  •   Then the choice of the team is necessary. Do keep in mind that there is a need to choose a star player and a captain based on 1000 gems
  •   Join free or paid pots based on your choice. By paid pots, you can win cash and there is an entry fee needed. The platform goes on to provide a host of payment platforms to make the task an easy one.
  •   Once the live match begins the fantasy team starts accumulating points based on the real performance of the players in a game. The final points, rankings and results are declared once every match is over.

Pointers about cash prizes

The rankings along with results are updated once every game is over. For example, if you are the winner of the Paid pot the amount will be credited to your account automatically. Even you are going to receive a notification that the money is credited to the account.

After a couple of hours since the round is over the winners are declared. Manual verification is done to ensure that the score tallies with the real statistics of the game. Sometimes the procedure could end up taking a lot of time. Only once you are sure the results are accurate then the results would be declared.

There are tasks to avail referral bonus and a series of steps to follow are

  •   On the top of the button there is a referral screen
  •   You can share it with your fellow friends on various platforms
  •   If the new user provides you referral code at the time of signing then he is rated to be a registered user in your name.
  •   The moment this user is going to refer your name in a public pot once a match is over, you will be entitled to a 10 % discount that the user invests for the rest of your life.
  •   Once these users refer other people you are entitled to a 5 % commission. All these bonuses would be credited to your account for the rest of your life.

You could end up making indefinite referrals and there is no form of restrictions on the same. To obtain the referral code on the top hand page there is a code. The process is simple as you can refer and obtain a referral code. In case if you forget to zero in the code then you are not entitled to any bonus. There is no scope to be changing the referral code provided to you as it is permanent in nature. In fact, it is unique for each and every user.

The concept of fair play

The platform advocates each and every player adopts the stance of fair play. In this regard, there are a set of dos and don ts that they have to comply. The things that you are not entitled to undertake on this platform are

  •   A single user  opting for numerous accounts at the same time
  •   The withdrawal of cash by unreliable means
  •   Once you are submitting the documents of someone as your own.

Since the concept of fair play is of utmost importance, the platform suggests numerous verification measures before you are part of the game. You might need to provide them with a scanned copy of your Pan card along with other essential KYC details. Some details have to be entered in a manual way and in the profile page visit the KYC section. There is a strong possibility that the documents could be rejected if it is not clear. For setting up an account it might take a week or so.

The legal aspects

Before you play the game it is essential that you acquaint yourself with the legal protocols of the game. An important point of consideration is that only users who are above the age of 18 years can participate in the game.

Bear in mind that the deduction of taxes takes place as it is line with the income tax act of 1961. For each tax deduction winners would be provided with a TDS certificate. But the onus lies on you if you are to be paying any other tax. If you possess any verification in respect to the tax it is better to get in touch with a tax consultant. A better option would be to check out the terms along with conditions.