What Kind of French Bulldog Options Would You Like to pick?

We all love our dog and want to give it the best. Good care does not end with proper upbringing and good training. We would like to tell you something about the physical care of your dog so that you can also work on the health and well-being of your Frenchie dog in this way. Below is an overview of daily care points to be checked.

General condition of your dog

There are a number of points you can check on a weekly basis to get a good picture of your dog’s condition, to identify problems in time and to take adequate action. For all these points, you should determine in advance what is normal for your dog. Only if you regularly check all these things do you get to know the normal values ​​for your French Bulldog. Only then will you notice when something different happens. So study your dog and get to know it.

Skin and hair

Skin and hair must be healthy and clean. Check for bald spots, dander, or sudden hair loss. The skin should feel dry, smooth and non-greasy. By stroking the dog you also quickly discover when a bump or tumor occurs somewhere. You need a rubber brush for daily care. Most loose hairs remain on the rubber brushes, so you get significantly less on the carpet. You will also need to have a flea comb at home to regularly check the dog for fleas. You can tell if the dog has fleas from the flea droppings. These are usually located on the back around the tail and look like small, brown-black, coarse grains. Your dog will need to be washed more than once a year. Never use shampoo that is suitable for people or even babies. Many dog ​​shampoos also dry out the coat too much. Choose a shampoo that contains mink oil. This oil does not affect the protective layer of the coat, but even improves it in some cases. Make sure the dog can dry warm and draft-free after washing.

The walk of the dog

When you walk the Frenchie dog, take a look at how it moves. Muscle inflammation, joint problems, but also abdominal complaints can provide a different way of moving.

Paw pads and nails

Regularly check the soles of the feet and nails for injustices that can cause damage. The nails should not be too long. Nails that are too long can be heard tapping on a hard surface. In dogs that regularly walk outside on the street, the nails will wear out by themselves. The fifth underdeveloped clove on the inside of the hind legs some breeds.