When Can You Tow The Car?

One of the biggest fears of drivers is that one day they will stop their vehicle (even for a short time) in the wrong place and end up towing the car by towing service Bang PU ( รถยก บางปู which is the term in Thai) for example. The truth is, this is not as unusual a situation as most people think. However, as we want you to be informed about this matter, we will now explain everything you need to know and indicate all the situations in which the competent authorities may impound the vehicle.

Towing The Car: When Can It Be Done?

Raise your hand for those who have never parked their car in the second row, even to go to the ATM to collect money. As insignificant as this gesture may seem, the truth is that it can cause your car to be towed away by competent authorities.

Therefore, according to the highway code, a car can be towed whenever its parking space contributes to dangerous situations or traffic disturbances. However, some situations lead to this trailer being carried out whenever the vehicle is improperly parked.

They are:

Whenever the car is parked for at least 30 days in a row, in a public place, park, or exclusive parking area, that is exempt from payment of any usage fee.

Whenever the vehicle is parked in its parking lot for this purpose and the value of its use has not been paid or has been exceeded in at least 2 hours.

Whenever the car does not have a license plate, or whose plate is not legible or does not allow for a correct reading of it

Whenever the car park shows clear signs of abandonment, and always after the first 48 hours

Whenever the vehicle’s parking is an obvious danger or that it generates a serious disturbance in the normal functioning of traffic, it is possible to remove it from the public road.

The parking of the vehicle at a stop for public transport vehicles, at pedestrian or bicycle crossings, on sidewalks, or in an area reserved exclusively for the transit of vulnerable users (pedestrians and bicycles), in the carriageway when away from the edge of the curb or sidewalk, in the second row and when it impedes the traffic of vehicles or forcing the use of the part of the carriageway destined for the opposite direction.

Whenever the vehicle is parked in a place exclusively intended for the parking of vehicles of specific categories (such as reserved spaces), as you can see, there are numerous situations in which the competent authorities can tow your car. Therefore, you must be careful whenever you need to stop the car in the wrong place.