Which tablet is best for glowing skin?

Having a glowing skin is certainly everyone’s dream. It used to be wished by girls and women but nowadays even boys and men are striving to have that healthy radiance looking skin. The health and beauty industry often comes with so many new products ranging from topical uses like cleanser, serum and essence, to beauty supplements in forms of sachet on-the-go and bottle drinks. One of the easiest, convenient and tasty ways to get glowing skin is by taking tablet supplements.

With so many types of tablets sold in the pharmacy’s aisle and market shelves, you might end up overwhelmed by the variety of choices available and probably get more wrinkles and frowns on your face which literally beats the purpose of getting those glowing skin. Your best bet would be getting yourself a vitamin C tablet as it is always cheap, safe and proven effective for skin.

Do you know that skin is the largest human organ? Logically, it is impossible for us to take care of all our skin just by rubbing vitamin on it just to make it healthy, let alone everyday right? By taking vitamin C tablets, you are actually doing a big favour for your skin. Vitamin C is best transported to the skin layers through the bloodstream, via the blood vessel within the skin. Do note the maximum daily upper limit for taking vitamin C is 2000 mg for adults.

The opposite of glowing skin is dull skin. Dull skin happens when skin keeps getting exposed to the UV sunray and city pollutants, becoming dry and dehydrated and ageing skin itself. Vitamin C has been clinically proven to combat all of these causes of dull skin.

UV light when in contact with the skin, does damages by decreasing its vitamin C contents. Readily available vitamin C in skin acts as protective agent against skin’s cell death. Thus, taking more vitamin C helps to create more protective benefits for the skin cell to grow healthy. It also helps your skin become more resilient towards the harmful UV rays and less inflamed if getting excessive sun exposure.

Dry skin is caused by the disruption of the lipid layer or fat layer of the skin which helps maintain water content in the skin. Water content in the skin is what makes the skin go bouncy and glowing. Vitamin C aids in maintaining the skin integral by maintaining the lipid barriers and preventing water loss from the skin.

The most prominent signs of skin ageing are the noticeable wrinkles, fine line and dry skin. Skin ageing is actually affected by two main factors, first is internal factor and second is external factor. External factors are environmental stress such as the sunlight and lifestyle such as smoking. Meanwhile, the internal factor is the advanced age of the person itself. Vitamin C helps by combating these two factors which causes the skin to age prematurely.

There is no doubt that vitamin C offers so much good stuff to the skin. Glowing skin is not a dream anymore, it is a reality. There is actually so much more than just taking vitamin C tablets. You may want to opt for additional vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin D and vitamin A for fast results and better skin health. However, it is important to check with your doctor if you are taking more than one type of vitamin or multivitamin. There are no benefits of taking too many vitamins and it will utterly be a waste of money and a potential hazard to your body.